November 22, 2020: Clermont Hill Climb Race

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2020 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series

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Perezluha Coaching Clermont Hills Ride (11-7-20)

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Past Events (2019)

Group Rides:

Perezluha Coaching Horrible 100 Group Ride (11-17-19)

Perezluha Coaching Clermont Hills Ride 2019 Series

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February 7, 2019 ($10): Welcoming Intro to Cycling and Training

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Perezluha Coaching State Road Race Recon Ride (10-13-19)

Past Events (2018)

Training Clinics and Coaching Instructional Group Rides:

Group Rides:

5 Days North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp

          This is a 5 day camp that will be hosting out of Murphy, North Carolina located in the Appalachian Mountain ranges and Nantahala National Forest. This camp will feature some of the most challenging climbs in the Southeast including Brasstown Bald (Georgia’s highest point) and Hogpen Gap which are great climbs to prepare for the Six Gap Century ride coming up on September 27th. This camp will also include an epic waterfall ride traversing some beautiful back country mountain roads, well of the grid from the more popular routes.

          Roads on this camp will traverse through 3 different states including North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia for a wide variety of beautiful landscape including river valleys, mountain passes, farmland, forests, and crystal clear creeks. This camp will accommodate all skill levels and have an experienced coach and SAG support to guide riders on an unforgettable training adventure!

          Riders will get in touch with the beautiful terrain on this camp while grinding out one of the best training weeks of the entire year! This camp will include home cook meals and coffee to start each day as well as all snacks and ride lunches included each day. Use this camp to prepare you for the Six Gap century rides, to improve your climbing, or just for hard and fun training! This camp will never have dull moment with good stories and beers to be enjoyed!

2 Days Central Florida Hills Cycling Camp

         This is a 2 day, 2 night cycling training camp in the beautiful rolling hills of Central Florida based out of Clermont. This camp will feature key hill climbing drills and workouts around Florida’s steepest roads! Here riders will get the best hands on practice on a variety of hill circuits and focus on essential climbing components to maximize their physical and mental capabilities. This camp is geared to teach you how to become a better rider in the hills and will feature a special Sugarloaf Mountain workout, short term power testing of 1-3 minutes, a descending and cornering clinic, and hands on coaching on how to best ride a hilly circuit. 

          This camp will come with full professional SAG support by Bearded Bike Doc and also include homemade lunch stops at scenic parks next to beautiful lakes. Come see why the hills of Clermont is one of the best places to train in Florida and the Southeastern United States!

Click Here to view additional details and register here for this camp

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Upcoming Training Events

Perezluha Coaching Clermont Hills Ride (Saturday, 11-7-20)