2024 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series

NEW TO 2024! We will having timing chips starting in the Fall

Entire 2024 Series Sign Up

6-2-24 Time Trial Sign Up

Categories and Styles

  • Open to ages 14-99 and all categories Pro thru Cat 5. Riders to go off in the following order oldest to youngest:

Starting at 8:50am (Pending on Participation; regular start will be 9:00am for the main group)

    1. 15-Kilometer racers (start at u-turn 2)
    2. Handcycles
    3. Paracycles
    4. Juniors
    5. Women Road Bike (Merckx)
    6. Men Road Bike (Merckx)
    7. 2 Person Team Time Trial Bike

Starting at 10:00am:

    1. Women TT Bike (Aero Style)
    2. Men TT Bike (Aero Style)
    3. Recumbent 
    4. 2 Person Team Road Bike
    5. Tandem
    6. Fixed Gear
  • In order to qualify for “Merckx” style, you may not use any of the following items: Disc wheel, Aero wheels greater than 60mm deep, Aero bars, Time Trial Bike Frames, or Aero helmets. You must declare yourself as “Aero” or “Merckx” either at online registration or in the staging area

*If you have any of the above equipment on your road bike or body, you will be classified in the time trial bike category.
Common questions:
1. Are Zipp 404 wheels ok for this series? Answer: Yes!
2. Can you wear a skin-suit in the road bike category: Yes!

2024 Dates:

  • 2/11, 3/3, 4/14, 5/5, 6/2, 7/7, 8/18, 9/22, 10/13, 11/10 

Warm Up and Times

*The following format will take place based on participation of 40+ riders or multiple riders signed up for different categories. If not, we will have the regular format with 7:30am registration; 8:00am warm up session; 9:00am start time. 

  • 7:00-7:15am: Arrive
  • 7:15am: Registration Opens
  • 7:15-8:00am: Registration (Registration will be open 7:15-9:15am for 2nd wave of riders: Time trial bike, Recumbent, 2 Person Team Road Bike, and Tandem categories)
  • 8:00-8:30am: Structured warm up with Coach including course preview, safety briefing of u-turns, warm up tips, pacing tips for race, and wind forecast. This is a unique and valued offering that will significantly help participants perform at their best and enjoy the event
  • 8:50am: Racing (Wave 1) begins with the following categories in this order:
    1. 15-Kilometer racers (start at u-turn 2)
    2. Handcycles
    3. Paracycles
    4. Juniors
    5. Women Road Bike
    6. Men Road Bike
    7. 2 Person Team Time Trial Bike
  • 9:30-9:50am: First Set of Results/Podiums/Awards
  • 10:00am: Racing (Wave 2) begins with the following categories in this order:
    1. Women Time Trial Bike
    2. Men Time Trial Bike
    3. Recumbent
    4. 2 Person Team Road Bike
    5. Tandem
    6. Fixed Gear
  • 10:40-11:00am: Second Set of Results/Podiums/Awards
  • 11:00-11:20am: Group Ride Begin (30-50 miles; easy-hard options)

The Course

  • 8 mile time trial out and back (2 turn arounds)
  • 15 kilometer time trial (same as 8 mile course with 1 additional turn around; 3 turn-arounds)
  • 8.5 mile special edition time trial (Old Lake Alfred Road)
  • Perfect location for a time trial with little traffic, long straight aways, and bike lanes
  • Perfect 20 minute power test location

Ridewithgps Course Maps

7/7/24 and 11/10/24 Special Edition Time Trial (TBA)


  • Florida Polytechnic University: 4700 Research Way Lakeland, FL 33805 (Time Trial start is location outside of the actual campus; the exact start location and parking area is below)
  • Parking: On Research Way near the west junction of Research Way and University Blvd. This is just west of western entrance to Florida Polytechnic University. Parking is free.
  • Parking Link


We will have a Porta Pottie again in 2024! As far as an indoor restroom, Florida Polytechnic University is occasionally open which has restrooms. The outdoor restrooms might also be open near the swimming pool area on the southeast portion of the campus. The best locations with the closest indoor restrooms are:

1. 7-11 Lakeland Highway 33 (4-minute car drive/western end of course)


2. McDonalds (10-minute car drive away)

1801 FL-559, Polk City, FL 33868

3. Loves Travel Stop (10-minute car drive away)

1800 FL-559, Polk City, FL 33868


5-5-24 BikeReg Registration Page

2024 Entire Series Sign Up

*Discounted $250 for 10 time trials until 12/1/23; then $300 for entire series sign up; $35 daily entry; $45 late entry (day before and on-site)

Group Ride and Awards

  • After each time trial, we will have awards per category (3 minimum per category for awards)
  • The group ride will start ~11:00am ranging from 30-50 miles (moderate-hard pace); standard route is ~40-45 miles
  • We will have A, A Nice, and B/C group paced groups if we have a big enough with different speed preferences

Group Ride Routes:

1.  Tour of Poly and Polk Introductory Ride (30.3 Miles)


2. Haines City out and back (43.6 Miles) 


3. Haines City out and back (46.8 Miles)


4. Winter Haven out and back (40.0 Miles)


5. Winter Haven out and back with bonus 8-mile TT (48.0 Miles)


6. Winter Haven Grassroots Brewing and Bike Trail


Overall Series Awards

  • Overall Series Awards including Medals for top 3 in each category
  • Overall Series Champions Jersey and Trophy for winner in each category
  • Best 8 results will count towards overall points series (2 results get dropped if competing in all 10 time trials)
  • Points System: 1st (30), 2nd (25), 3rd (21), 4th (18), 5th (16), 6th (15), 7th (14), 8th (13), 9th (12), 10th (11)

What is your goal time for riding 8 miles as fast as you can? Visit the pacing chart below to find out!

Florida Polytechnic 8 Mile TT Pacing Chart

2024 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series Results





2023 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Results 

2018-2024 Series Course Records:

Men’s TT Bike:

Women’s TT Bike:

Men’s Road Bike:

Women’s Road Bike:


Hand Cycle 15KM

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2024 Pictures:

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