Find The Champion Within

The faces of anticipation. The faces of determination. The faces of being on the edge and knowing you are closing in on your record and have to finish the job. You’ve been told exactly what you need to do to execute your goal and have to find it from within to pull it off. It’s the part of that effort that it is getting painful but the pain gets masked by the adrenaline of knowing: the faster you pedal, the faster the effort with be over and that the distance is not changing 🌬

You know that the suffering will be temporary and that it is for a good cause and will soon be over. You are living for the NOW! You know that hours and days will go by when there is no going back to change what you are doing right now so you know emptying your tank and going for it is the only option.

This is the moment when you have to look inside yourself to give every ounce of effort you’ve got and FIND THE CHAMPION WITHIN!🏆 #perezluhacoaching #findthechampionwithin #wherechampionsaremade