2021 Clermont Dirty Dozen 12/12/21 Registration is Open!

The 2021 Clermont Dirty Dozen Bike Ride/Race is coming up 12/12/21! This event is inspired by my Uncle Danny chew’s infamous Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen, taking place tomorrow and riding up some of the steepest paved streets in the world! This is a special once a year event where riders will ride or race up the 18 steepest hills in the greater Clermont area. These hills range from 6-15% grade and last 1/4-3/4 miles in length. Riders (Men, Women, Master’s, and Juniors Categories) will compete in a KOM style competition with the top 10 riders up each hill scoring points (10 Points for 1st; 1 Point for 10th). Sugarloaf Mountain Road (one of the toughest hills) will be the final hill and will be worth 15 Points for 1st. This event will include professional SAG Support by Bearded Bike Doc which will include two SAG stops including Hammer Nutrition, Snacks, Water, Coke, and freshly made espresso). Afterwards, we will celebrate with recovery drink and beer (optional), and awards. The top 5 riders in each category will receive prizes. This event will be limited to a 50 rider max limit so register here today: