2020Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp was a blast!

The 2020 Perezluha Coaching Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp was the best turnout for a camp yet with 19 riders including myself. Thank you to all you attended this camp and I hope you had an amazing weekend of riding around the Heartland of Florida! Huge thanks to the amazing support from Humayun Qureshi and Bearded Bike Doc along with our sponsors HammerNutrition, Sunbum, Mumu Cycling Apparel, and Solowarrior Socks. Check out the pictures from this camp below! This is the final part of day 1 ~130 miles from Florida Polytechnic University to Venice a long with a few other highlights ☀️🌎 #perezluhacoaching #findthechampionwithin #perezluhacoachingcyclingcamps