My Coaching Philosophy

My Mission:

         My mission is to help you accomplish whatever it is you want in cycling or fitness. Your goal is my goal. No matter what level you are at, if you want to improve, I want it just as bad! I coach all disciplines of cycling and triathletes and always focus on the aspect of improving athlete’s from where they are at in the present moment. Whether you’re making a comeback from an injury or going for all time personal record achievements, I will facilitate in making you the best possible athlete and human being.

         If you are starting out or a professional, becoming the best possible athlete and person is the forefront of Perezluha Coaching. I believe every person should seek to improve from where they are at in the present moment and to never compare oneself to anybody else or ones past. This journey will focus on re-constructing onself, re-learning better habits and behaviors, developing a confident mindset, and always focusing on more improvement, even when peaks and triumphs are made. Rewards and self gratification will be made along the journey, not just when the big goal is accomplished, then reestablishing the next goal and completing the process over again. Personal success and accomplishing one’s greatest goals and fullest human potential is a perpetual experience. We never settle or stop with just one goal.  I believe everyone should go full force after what sparks their heart on fire knowing one day the opportunity they have right now might not be there.

       Whether it is training to win races, improving power numbers, getting faster, improving race skills or tactics, improving bike handling, improving time trial ability, conquering your first bicycle-camping trip, going on a cycling camp or tour, riding 100 miles for the first time, riding 100 miles as fast as you can, riding 24 hours, or just getting pushed to the next level in your training, I will coach you to get there!

Coaching Philosophy:
         Coaching is a never-ending learning experience that takes on a personal connection with athlete’s to push them to accomplish any goal they want in life. My goal is to allow athletes to reach those goals they did not think were possible of accomplishing on their own. Coaching is way more than just numbers and racing and my goal is to take an athlete on a empowering experience to build a mindset of a champion. We are not light bulbs generating electricity and while I love numbers and data, cycling to me is being able to explore and have moments on the road that will never be forgotten. Becoming a champion requires hard work and suffering and I can push you to develop a tenacity to conquer your goals. I believe in quality coaching over quantity and designing specific plans to fit an athlete’s schedule and unique goals. In my coaching, I will share what drives and motivates me to become a champion and to never quit.

          I love working with kids in high school who love to ride bikes and race. I started riding a bike in high school. Through my journey of finding my love for cycling, I found it hard to find people my age that loved to ride bikes. Excuses I heard from kids my age were that it was either either too hard, inconvenient, not safe, or too hard to find friends to train with. Also, many high schools do not have any bike clubs or teams. I love working with the youth in High School as I know exactly what it was like to be the kid who loved riding bikes and felt like an outcast. I immediately turned the feeling of outcast into a self-confidence and unique attribute to drive me into accomplishing my cycling dreams and goals.  As a coach, I will help motivate the youth to dream big and build the mindset of a champion while also setting realistic and attainable goals. With that said, I do coach athlete’s of all ages!

         I always strive to not settle for normalcy to inspire someone in the future long after I am here to dream big and go after their desires. To never let anyone hold them back on their mission, purpose, and destiny. It was those that lived on the wild side, dared to be different, never gave up on their dreams, and left a profound impact that motivated me to go after my goals and dreams. In turn, I’d like to return that energy into the universe as a perpetual motivation for all to go after anything the heart desires.

My Coaching Specialization:

  • 100% customized training plans to suit your goals and lifestyle
  • All disciplines of cycling including time trial, gravel, mountain biking, road racing, criteriums, stage races, triathlon, track, and more!

1) Physical Performance

Designed to improve:

  • Overall strength and all-around power
  • Functional threshold power
  • Time trial including pacing and speed
  • Max speed and max power
  • Hill climbing power and efficiency

2) Racing and Skills

  • Progress and development in racing categories
  • Specific race preparation and detailed race plans
  • Win race’s as an individual or teammate
  • Learn essential bike handling and race tactics

Peak Performance

  • Important races and events 
  • National Championship races
  • Peak time trial times in any distance from 1KM to 112 miles, to Race Across America (3000 miles)

3) Event Specific Training 

  • Specific and detailed coaching programs to prepare for events
  • Performance and analysis reports 
  • Course analysis
  • Specific tactical advice

4) Gran Fondo’s, Charity Rides, and more

  • Conquer your first 100-mile century ride or Gran Fondo
  • Improve your time, result, or placing for an event
  • Specific preparation for an event
  • Finish century rides with ease and confidence
  • Ride 100-miles as fast as you can!

5) Cycling Camps and Cross-Country Adventures

  • Conquer your first cross-country bicycle trip
  • Detailed routes, planning, and advice
  • Fine tune your bicycle-camping skills
  • Individual tours and camps with Steven
  • When and where is best to plan your best cycling excursion
  • Join and train for Perezluha Coaching Camps and Tours 

6) Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series

  • Excellent threshold test being 8.0 miles and times averaging right around 20:00
  • Perfect test to see ones fitness and performance once per month
  • Each time trial includes a coach led warm up session, 8 mile or 15 kilometer time trial, awards/prizes, and a group ride after
  • Daily and overall prizes
  • Sign up for your next time trial here

7) Ultra-Endurance

  • Conquer your first 100-mile ride, 200-mile ride, 24-hour race
  • Compete in Race Across America
  • Iron-Man training

8) Mental Toughness

  • Strengthen the mind and improve your mental toughness and tenacity
  • Learn the Art of Winning
  • Build discipline
  • Get pushed one-on-one with Steven to a level you can’t reach on your own

9) Multi-Athlete and Full-Body Fitness

  • I incorporate full body fitness into my training plans. Training the entire body is essential for overall fitness, physique, and injury prevention
  • I can coach tri-athletes, runners, and other multi-sport athletes. I come from a running and wrestling background so I’m familiar with training the entire body, not just cycling
  • I am huge into incorporating long term health and stability and focus on health benefits including a strong back and core, maintaining flexibility and motion, and being strong on and off the bike. Cycling is not just about producing wattage. We are not just machines simply producing power or generating electricity. Our bodies need to maintain there structure and overall strength and in each training plan, I include a full-body stretch routine and body weight exercise routine