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Want to plan a getaway or cycling trip to Clermont and want an awesome place to stay? Want some advice on the best routes to ride and intel on the area? Want a better experience than what a hotel can offer? I currently have two clean and rentable rooms to stay in and can host up to 6 people. We have a Queen Double bunk set and another room with a queen room. Rooms can be private and also shared with others. Pricing is $200 for a solo room per night, or $125 for shared room. Breakfast, espresso, and a session in the massage chair is including in the pricing. 10% off for 3 or more people. Discounts also available for coaching clients.

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All puppies from first litter have new owners! Stay tuned for our next litter and follow our social media pages for updates!

It’s been a journey with a lot of hard work raising the 7 beautiful Red Tri Australian Shepherd puppies with mother Tofu. We were able to find 7 amazing new owners and mother Tofu stayed healthy and strong throughout the entire process. Stay tuned for a future litter by following our social media pages after clicking website page below.

Puppy 3 (Orange)

Tofu Australian Puppies are now ready to take home. 5 Left!

The day has finally come! All puppies are have official health certificates in Florida and just saw the vet for all of their essential task including:

  • Official health certifications
  • DA2P-Pv Vaccine
  • Bordetella Oral Vaccine
  • Fecal w/Giardia/Hook/Round/Whipworm Ag
  • PrazPyrFeb (Frontal Plus)

These puppies came to life from their healthy parents Tofu (Dam) and Howey (Sire) on mothers day 5-8-22. We currently have 5 puppies available with 4 girls and one boy. Located in Minneola, FL

Successful Special Edition TT

Beautiful day and great performances out at the special edition 2022 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series today! It was great to see 5 Handcycle racers out there! The time trial bike men course record (and overall fastest time) was set by Miguel Mora. Thank you to all who attended and we hope to see you again at our next event on August 14, 2022 back at the regular course outside of Florida Polytechnic University.

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Sportlightme Photography for today

Today’s Results

August 14, 2022 Time Trial Registration

Tofu Puppies 7 Weeks Old! Ready to take home in just two weeks!

On Mother’s Day 2022 (5-8-22), Tofu gave birth to seven beautiful new lives. Tofu (Dam) (2 years and 8 months old) and Howey (Sire) are the parents. Tofu and Howey are both 100% Purebred Red Tri Australian Shepherds, healthy, up to date on vaccines, get plenty of love and exercise, and have had recent vet check ups including orthopedic and wellness exams. Each of the seven babies turned into 100% Red-Tri Australian puppies like their parents. There are 6 girls and 1 boy in the litter.

On July 7, 2022 Tofu’s 7 babies will have their official health certifications, DA2P-Pv Vaccine, Bordetella Oral Vaccine, Fecal w/Giardia/Hook/Round/Whipworm Ag, PrazPyrFeb (Frontal Plus), other other medications to ensure they are all healthy to begin their new life with their new owners.

6 Puppies are remaining with two reserved and 4 ready to buy!

Deposits are required to reserve puppies by July 6, 2022

Ready for take home earliest July 14, 2022

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7-3-22 Special Edition Time Trial Registration

Next Sunday is the Special Edition Florida Polytechnic Time Trial 7/3/22. This is on one of my favorite roads in Florida 🍊🌞 Join us for this time trial on a beautiful rolling course through orange groves and next to lakes. This course is 8.5 miles and we run this course twice per year🎉

On Saturday 7/2 and this Saturday 6/25, we will have a hills ride leaving minneola complex at 8:15am. 

For those looking to make a weekend out of the event or have an extended 4th of July 🇺🇸stay in Clermont, @perezluhacoaching has rooms available to rent (1-4 people). DM to book.

Register here for the 7-3-22 Time Trial