Clermont Hills Cycling Camp 3/25-3/26!

Our next cycling camp is the Clermont Hills Cycling Camp coming up 3/25/23-3/26/23! This will be the 5 year of this action packed fully supported two day camp in the best spot to train in Central Florida.

I run this camp each year as an opportunity for riders to get together to challenge themselves to improve their bike handling, hill climbing abilities, racing skills, time trial prowess in the hills, enhanced reaction, short term power, and all around cycling fundamentals. Our goal is to make you a more efficient rider in a hills both solo doing a time trial and riding in a group. We all push each other on to improve and push harder to break new barriers🏆 This camp is great not only for out of town riders looking to get in an excellent two days of training and improving but also locals looking to explore new areas and hone in on skills that are often brushed aside on a normals day ride. For those in the Clermont area, you can see a lot of the development which isn’t completely bad as it gives us a brand new undeveloped neighborhood to complete some of our training -skills sessions at🎉🌞

It is important to sit down and dedicate time to focus on skills and really hone in on weak areas, repeating until perfected. Each year, I will scope out a new skill session area for riders to practice at and repeat a prior test to seek improvement 🏆 This camp includes professional SAG support from @beardedbikedoc including fresh espresso, homemade lunches, and @hammernutrition . There are lodging and camp only options available as well. At Perezluha Coaching Cycling Camps, it is never just an every day ordinary ride 😉😎Check out the website and registration information below:

March 25-26, 2023 Clermont Cycling Camp

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