2021 State Time Trial Training Plan

The Florida State Time Trial Championship is coming up May 16th. This year we have the opportunity to get ready for this months in advanced which is why I have the 6-12 week 2021 Florida State Time Trial Championships Training Plan ready for those that want to start training! Since this course is still very fresh from December this past year, we have more tools and advice in the brain to help prepare you for this years event. This training plan will feature specific workouts to prepare you for this years event along with advice for the day of the race. We will have a State TT preparation ride the day before this years event as well. This training plan is specially priced at $25/week or $269 for the entire 11-12 weeks starting tomorrow or next week. 

Another way to prepare for this years race will be to come out to the 2021 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series in which we have 3 available to race in coming up (March 14, April 11, and May 9). 

See more registration details here below for the State TT training plan:

March 14th, 2021 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Registration: