Central Florida Hills Cycling Camp is two weeks away!

The Central Florida Hills Cycling Camp March 21-22, 2020 is just over two weeks away! We currently have 3 more spots for the camp lodging home in Clermont. This is 2-day, 2-night camp with an option for just just riding the camp and a one-day or half day option for both Saturday 3/21 and Sunday 3/22.
This will be an excellent weekend of training, hands on skills sessions, climbing techniques, descending and concerning clinics, gearing and shifting practice, body positioning and efficiently body posture, and short term power testing! Here each individuals power/weight ratio and future goals will be established. Unlike normal hill group rides, we will have many hands on tests to really focus on each individuals own ability.
This camp will come fully supported with pro SAG support by Bearded Bike Doc including and on board Cappuccino-Espresso Machine. Lunches and during ride fuel is also included as well as breakfast for weekend campers.
Reserve your spot now for the camp lodging. Camp registration ends 3/15.
Website and registration: