January 4-6, 2019 Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp

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Details are finalized for the January 4-6, 2019 Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp. This is a 3 day cycling camp-excursion starting from Florida Polytechnic University. This route will include lightly traveled country roads with views of open ranches, lakes, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters of the gulf of Mexico, the Peace River, rolling orange groves, and much more of Florida’s undeveloped land. Come see some of Florida’s small towns and quiet beach roads on this journey that will prelude to the longer excursion down to Key West! Each day will be 75-125 miles. This will be an excellent training opportunity and adventure which you will be challenged and have fun on the journey! Enjoy an all inclusive cycling excursion including coaching, sag support, bike mechanics, meals, and lodging!