Tenacity: It’s how BAD you want it!

How Bad You Want It👊👊👊
        I like to work with people who really want it bad. When I say want it bad, this is the determination to improve oneself, the ability to suffer, the ability to stay disciplined with training, and ability to be fully committed. This isn’t wanting a trophy or medal or any physical object for that matter. This is the internal validation that with the confidence and tenacity you will work for and in due time, accomplish your hard-fought goals. These goals can be fitness related, races, challenges, mental struggles, or even any feat you may not currently deem possible. It starts with really striving hard for success in one’s training and accepting the challenge to suffer and put the work in, knowing that it is preparing for a bigger goal.
        I really like to coach people that want it bad, because if you want it bad, then I want it just as bad. Usually in a short amount of time of coaching someone, I can tell how bad they want it. I don’t care what skill level you are; whether you are going to complete your first time up Sugarloaf Mountain Road, to riding a 30km in under 40 minutes. If you want it badly enough, we will accomplish it. As a coach, I am here to push you past your limits and guide you in the process. This coach-athlete connection will uplift each other together as the goals and barriers are conquered. This also allows you to have less to think about and ensure your work and efforts are used wisely. I say this because I know what its like to really want to accomplish a goal really bad and do it. There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with those to help make you the best and drive you to conquer your goals.
        In the bike racing sense, there are many cases where a race may truly come to who wants to win the most. Who is going to take a risk and go all in with it. Who is going to take the outcome of the race into their own hands and go for glory. Last week in the sunshine gran prix, I took that chance and reminded myself to take it with confidence which ended up landing me on the top step. In this case I followed the almighty moto and did not hold anything back. I knew what I had left. The key to success in any race or in life is to:
Know what you got
Spare what you got
Use what you got