July 11, 2021 Time Trial Pictures

We had a awesome new photographer come on this past Sunday to the 6th 2021 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial! Hamza and Dani from Sportlightme came out to capture some shots along the beautiful Old Lake Alfred special edition course.
Here are the pictures below. Right now, these pictures are complimentary and please share them and tag @sportlightme and @Perezluha Coaching if making a post as we are striving to continue to grow💪

The special edition time trial is back next Sunday 7/11!

The Special Edition Time Trial is coming up next Sunday 7/11! This is an 8.5 mile course on one of of the nicest cycling roads in Florida. It features rolling hills, orange groves, lakes, and bends and turns to offer a full time trial experience. This road actually feels like a bike trail to start with a one lane road then opens up to two lanes when it goes out into the orange groves. This course will challenge riders and also give riders the ability to test themselves on a different course with more variables like hills and high speed bends which might mix up the results 🏆

We are highly recommending Pre-Registration and encourage car-pooling as parking will be limited. We will also have a registration limit of 40 riders max.

View more information below as this is a different location from the normal time trial:



Registration Page:


Hope to see you there. There are only two of these time trials this year so you don’t want to miss out!

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5-2-21 Time Trial Registration + Cycling Kit Sale!

The next Florida Polytechnic Time Trial is this Sunday! We will have road bike men/women starting at ~8:30am and TT bike men/women starting at 9:30am. We also have team time trial options and categories for any rider classification. With the State Time Trial coming up in two weeks from this Sunday, we will have the same eddy Merckx rules apply for riders which is only a wheel rim depth increase from 60 to 80mm. Come on out for a morning of time trial action on one of the best courses in Florida🌞 Register here below:


We will also be having a special cycling kit sale for the remaining original blue @perezluhacoaching kits. Full Kits are $100, Bibs $55, Jerseys $50, Speedsuits $110, skinsuits, $125. Here are the sizes we have left:


  • XXS
  • XS
  • M (bib only)
  • L (bib only)
  • XL (bib only)
  • XXL


  • XXS
  • XS (jersey only)
  • XL (jersey only)
  • XXL


  • XXS
  • XS
  • XL
  • XXL


  • XS
  • XL
  • XXL

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15% off for new riders at the Clermont Hills Camp!

The Clermont Hills Camp is coming up in one week! We have 3 spots left for the lodging available which is a sweet house which overlooks the famous Lake Minneola Waterfront Park with an big outdoor patio and fire pit for a relaxing stay. This camp will give riders the opportunity to work on improving their hill climbing abilities and skills with a group of dedicated riders looking to help each other improve🙏 Well have many skill clinics and hill climbing exercises throughout the day along with lunches at scenic spots and professional sag support with espresso☕️ provided by Bearded Bike Doc.

If you are interested in attending just for a day or the camp only, we have this option available as well.
We are currently offering first time camp riders 15% off their entry (Both Camp Only and Full Camp with Lodging) as a sign up bonus. Message me here below to get your spot reserved:

2021 State Time Trial Training Plan

The Florida State Time Trial Championship is coming up May 16th. This year we have the opportunity to get ready for this months in advanced which is why I have the 6-12 week 2021 Florida State Time Trial Championships Training Plan ready for those that want to start training! Since this course is still very fresh from December this past year, we have more tools and advice in the brain to help prepare you for this years event. This training plan will feature specific workouts to prepare you for this years event along with advice for the day of the race. We will have a State TT preparation ride the day before this years event as well. This training plan is specially priced at $25/week or $269 for the entire 11-12 weeks starting tomorrow or next week. 

Another way to prepare for this years race will be to come out to the 2021 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series in which we have 3 available to race in coming up (March 14, April 11, and May 9). 

See more registration details here below for the State TT training plan:

March 14th, 2021 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Registration:


Florida Polytechnic Time Trial 2-14-21 Start Time Updates

We have updated the starting times for this Sunday’s Time Trial to have two separate starting groups which prevents too many riders together at once and also gives riders the ability to race in two separate categories in the same day. Please see the update timeline below:

Warm Up and Times:

  • 7:00-7:15am: Arrive
  • 7:15am: Registration Opens
  • 7:15-7:45am: Registration (Registration will be open 7:15-9:00am for time trial bike and recumbent categories)
  • 7:45am-8:20am: Structured warm up with Coach including course preview, safety briefing of u-turns, warm up tips, pacing tips for race, and wind forecast. This is a unique and valued offering that will significantly help participants perform at their best and enjoy the event
  • 8:30am: Racing (Wave 1) begins with the following categories in this order:
    1. 15-Kilometer racers (start at u-turn 2)
    2. Handcycles 
    3. Paracycles
    4. Juniors
    5. Women Road Bike
    6. Men Road Bike
  • 9:10-9:20am: First Set of Results/Podiums/Awards
  • 9:30-9:40am: Racing (Wave 2) begins with the following categories in this order:
    1. Women Time Trial Bike
    2. Men Time Trial Bike
    3. Recumbent 
  • 10:20-10:30am: Second Set of Results/Podiums/Awards
  • 11:00am: Group Ride Begin (30-50 miles; easy-hard options)