Find The Champion Within- Evan

Evan has put in a lot of hard work this year and it has shown in his results where he has continued to drop time in his time trial and increase his power on the bike. It is interesting to note that riding faster and increasing wattage is an art. Going solely for wattage or solely for speed is where the coaching comes into fine tuning along with aerodynamics and flexibility. In the best of both worlds, a time trial result will have peak wattage and peak speed but this is usually only on the best occasions. From working with Evan it has been exciting to see how he has gotten faster and stronger and how he has become better and managing efforts solely for power and those for the fastest possible time against the clock. I have enjoyed coaching Evan as he is very meticulous and paid attention to each detail I gave and was very spot on when it came to hitting all the target goals I set for him. 

Last Friday, I went out in person to see him at the legendary loop called Magnolia Plantation. I started training on this loop back in 2011 and as I got more and more into serious time trial training where I didn’t want to get disrupted, I opted to Magnolia Plantation. Consequently, as I began coaching in 2015, this has been the go to neighborhood for clients setting all time power records from 5’ to 60’. It is a 2.3 mile loop where you will see an abundance of friendly deer as you crush efforts non stop as there is only one stop sign that you can roll through going clockwise.

For Evan’s test, I set him up with a target range where he was mathematically guaranteed a record on the low end target and on the high end target, he would raise the bar one step higher and sure enough he went for it and got it!🏆 The conditions were perfect with 67 degrees and sunshine and just as I remember knocking this effort out with my coach in 2013 getting my record, Evan got his record today getting 362 watts for the 20:00. It was the perfect way to cap the 2020 season concluding the month of October with his all time record. After some rest and a bigger base foundation over the next 2-3 months, it will be exciting what 2021 will look like! Congratulations Evan!🏆🎉

2020 North Carolina-North Georgia Cycling Camp Success

The North Carolina-North Georgia Cycling Camp is a wrap! This camp was perhaps the most adventurous of them all and had some of the best paved and unpaved roads I’ve ever done in the area. Unpaved roads that made for excellent routes to give riders a view and taste of some of the most challenging and scenic spots in the southwest North Carolina and Tennessee border area. Riders covered 5 days and over 25,000 feet of climbing. The trip had some new up and comer junior riders including a 9 year old that pedaled every single mile of the ~230 mile camp with over 25 miles of gravel roads. Congratulations to all of the riders who came and to @leepa17 for his SAG help.

The Summer 2020 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp Carolina is less than 6 weeks away!

The Summer 2020 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing-Waterfall Camp is coming up in just under 6 weeks! Don't miss out on this unforgettable cycling training camp adventure!🌎🚴‍♂️☀️View more details and registration below:

Posted by Steven Perezluha on Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Special Edition 8.5 Mile Time Trial Course is this Sunday (7-5-20)!

The Special Edition Time Trial is coming up this Sunday! This is an 8.5 mile course on one of of the nicest cycling roads in Florida. It features rolling hills, orange groves, lakes, and bends and turns to offer a full time trial experience. This road actually feels like a bike trail to start with a one lane road then opens up to two lanes when it goes out into the orange groves. We are highly recommending Pre-Registration and encourage car-pooling as parking will be limited. We will also have a registration limit of 40 riders max.
View more information below as this is a different location from the normal time trial:

The Summer 2020 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp is coming up!

Super excited to announce the North Carolina-North Georgia climbing camp will be coming back for the 3rd year in a row on August 26-30 this year for another cycling camp adventure!🌞🌎

 This is a 5 day camp that will be hosting out of Murphy, North Carolina located in the Appalachian Mountain ranges and Nantahala National Forest. This camp will feature some of the most challenging climbs in the Southeast including Brasstown Bald (Georgia’s highest point) and Hogpen Gap which are great climbs to prepare for the Six Gap Century ride coming up on September 27th. This camp will also include an epic waterfall ride traversing some beautiful back country mountain roads, well of the grid from the more popular routes.

Roads on this camp will traverse through 3 different states including North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia for a wide variety of beautiful landscape including river valleys, mountain passes, farmland, forests, and crystal clear creeks. This camp will accommodate all skill levels and have an experienced coach and SAG support to guide riders on an unforgettable training adventure🌞

Riders will get in touch with the beautiful terrain on this camp while grinding out one of the best training weeks of the entire year and learning valuable climbing skills and techniques. This camp will include home cook meals and coffee to start each day as well as all snacks and lunches included each day. Use this camp to prepare you for the Six Gap century rides, to improve your climbing, or just for hard and fun training! This camp will never have dull moment with good stories and beers to be enjoyed!

View more details and registration below:

Summer 2020 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp

Lifetime records crushed!

She’s at it again! And this time for the first time since the start of training in 2018, she tied her best FTP power/weight ratio ever, finally surpassing her best 45’ all time power record @236 watts last week and this week hit her 3rd best 30’ all time best power. These are FTP numbers she last saw during the training to win the 2018 Masters National Road Race Championships in Augusta, GA!
This is what happens when you put a natural born Time Trial athlete and runner on a trainer using Zwift for the first time🏆Those that are used to pedaling the entire duration of a ride and are driven to push it from start to finish and do not let up tend to really reek the benefits of indoor training on Zwift. On the flip side, the cyclists that depend on a group, draft, coast, and sit in the pack tend to really get a taste of what its like to continuously pedal throughout the ride. The fact that there are no interruptions and distractions in the workout allows for her to hit power numbers she’s never seen before.
Keep up the hard work Jeanine!

Find The Champion Within

The faces of anticipation. The faces of determination. The faces of being on the edge and knowing you are closing in on your record and have to finish the job. You’ve been told exactly what you need to do to execute your goal and have to find it from within to pull it off. It’s the part of that effort that it is getting painful but the pain gets masked by the adrenaline of knowing: the faster you pedal, the faster the effort with be over and that the distance is not changing 🌬

You know that the suffering will be temporary and that it is for a good cause and will soon be over. You are living for the NOW! You know that hours and days will go by when there is no going back to change what you are doing right now so you know emptying your tank and going for it is the only option.

This is the moment when you have to look inside yourself to give every ounce of effort you’ve got and FIND THE CHAMPION WITHIN!🏆 #perezluhacoaching #findthechampionwithin #wherechampionsaremade