Tofu and Howey Aussie Puppies

^1st Litter (Top) and 2nd Litter (Bottom)^

^3rd Litter Puppies

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The 4th litter was born January 18th, 2024. These puppies are ready to take home now! We have 2 boys left to reserve. $1600 due at pick up; or $800 to reserve then $800 at pick up. All puppies will have official health certifications and all essential medications and shots necessary to take home. Parents are certified 100% purebred Australian Shepherds with pedigrees available. 

Why Tofu-Howey Aussie Puppies are special:

  • Puppies have their tails!
  • Parents selected specifically to breed Red-Tri Australian Shepherd Puppies. All puppies from the 1st 3 litters turned out just like their parents with Red-Tri coloring. No off-colors
  • Puppies raised to interact with other puppies, play with parents, social in public with kids and adults, potty trained outdoors. Puppies already adapted to using potty outdoors at an early age
  • Puppies introduced with public while staying healthy and hygienic
  • Hand on interaction to select favorite puppy prior to take home
  • Puppy meet ups and reunions arranged after 6 months with other Tofu-Aussie owners (other dogs welcomed too)
  • Transparent pricing ($1600 each with $800 deposit)
  • Puppies are all up to date on de-worming, have their first vaccinations, and have a health check and Certificate by a licensed Florida veterinarian (see below)

All 9 puppies have their official health certifications, DA2P-Pv Vaccine, Bordetella Oral Vaccine, Fecal w/Giardia/Hook/Round/Whipworm Ag, PrazPyrFeb (Frontal Plus), and other essential medications to ensure they are all healthy to begin their new life with their new owners. 

Previous Litters:

1st Litter: 7 Puppies born 5-8-22. All sold in this Litter!

2nd Litter: 8 Puppies born 12-13-22. All sold in this Litter!

3rd Litter: 9 Puppies born 6-29-23. All sold in this Litter!

4th Litter: 8 Puppies born January 18th, 2024! (6 boys and 2 girls)

Owner Qualifications: 

Like their parents got, owners should be committed to giving these puppies plenty of love, exercise, and a healthy diet. These dogs love to play and need exercise daily. Ideally, a fenced in large backyard or easily accessible dog park. Tofu and Howey both get over 2-hours of exercise per day and are well behaved, clean, and well fed. Each owner is vetted properly to take on the commitment to give each puppy the best possible life.


100% Purebred Red Tri Australian Shepherds

All puppies will have:

  • Tails in tact
  • Official health certifications
  • DA2P-Pv Vaccine
  • Bordetella Oral Vaccine
  • Fecal w/Giardia/Hook/Round/Whipworm Ag
  • PrazPyrFeb (Frontal Plus)
  • Other essential medications


Clermont, FL

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Price per puppy: $1600

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4th Litter Puppy Reservation ($1600)

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4. Boy (Available)

7. Boy Howey Junior (Available)


1.  Boy (Sold)

Puppy 1 Boy

2. Boy (Sold)

Puppy 2 Boy

3. Boy (Sold)

5. Boy (Sold)

6. Girl (Sold)

Puppy 8 Girl (Sold)

Puppy 8 Girl

3RD LITTER PUPPIES : All Puppies from the 3rd Litter have new homes!

*Pictures at 6-8 weeks old (8/3/23)

1. Pink Female (Reserved)

Puppy 1 Pink Female (6 Weeks Old)

2. Orange Male (Reserved)

Puppy 2 Orange Male (8 Weeks Old)

3. Light Blue Male (Reserved)

Puppy 3 Light Blue Male (8 Weeks Old)

4. Black Male (Reserved)

Puppy 4 Black Male (6 Weeks Old)

5. Brown Female (Reserved)

Puppy 5 Brown Female (8 Weeks Old)

6. Blue Male (Reserved)

Puppy 6 Blue Male (6 Weeks Old)

7. White Female (Reserved)

Puppy 7 White Female (6 Weeks Old)

8. Yellow Male (Reserved)

Puppy 8 Yellow Male (6 Weeks Old)

9. Green Female (Reserved)

Puppy 9 Green Female (6 Weeks Old)

Final 2 Puppies (8 Weeks Old)



*Pictures at 6 weeks old

1. White Female (Sold)

2. Light Brown Female (Sold)

3. Orange Male (Sold)

4. Purple Male (Sold)    

5. Black Male (Sold)

6. Light Blue Female (Sold)

7. Dark Blue Female (Sold)

8. Light Purple Male (Sold)

2nd Litter Puppy Pictures 6 Weeks Old:

2nd Litter Puppy Pictures 5 Weeks Old


*Pictures at 9 weeks of age

Puppy 1: Girl (Light Brown):  SOLD


Girl. No white neck. White stripe through head. Small white speck on right side of neck

Puppy 2: Girl (White): SOLD *Picture at 3 weeks of age

Girl. Big white neck. White stripe through head. Small white speck on rear near lower back 

Puppy 3: Girl (Orange): SOLD

Girl. Big white neck. White stripe through head

Puppy 4: Girl (Purple): SOLD

Girl. Medium white neck. White stripe through head. Small white line on left side just below neck

Puppy 5: Girl (Black): SOLD

Girl. Big white stripe through head. Small white neck

Puppy 6: Girl (Light Blue): SOLD

Girl. No white stripe through head. Half white/red tri neck

Puppy 7: Boy (Dark Blue): SOLD

Boy. Small white stripe through head. Small white neck

Pictures: 9 Weeks Old 1st Litter

7 Week Old Pictures 1st Litter

Puppies Certifications:

Parents Certifications:

Tofu 5 Generation Pedigree

Howey 4 Generation Pedigree

Tofu, Howey, and all puppies registered litter with CKC (Continental Kennel Club)

Tofu and Howey Certification:

CKC Registered Litter

CKC All 7 Puppies