Summer 2019 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp

August 21-25, 2019

5 Days/ 4 Night’s

$800 Per Person

Fully supported including lodging, food, SAG support, training instructions, hand on coaching, and an experience of a lifetime!

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        Welcome to the North Georgia-North Carolina cycling camp. This cycling camp will feature riding in the beautiful Northern Georgia and North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. Here riders will get to tour and train on some epic climbs featuring water falls, quiet back country roads, mountain overlooks, and a few gravel roads. With an experienced ride leader and navigator, these rides will not only be a great training opportunity, but a fun adventure tour as well. Experienced tour guides will take care of lodging, dining, safe roads to ride on, special sights to see, cool towns to visit, and more.

Let the land provide beautiful views while also getting excellent training and learning from coach:

Special offerings and highlights of this camp will include hands on coaching, power testing (including post ride data analyzation), immediate feedback, and skills training including:

1. Sustained climbing techniques 
2. Climbing efficiency including optimal gearing and body position
3. Threshold testing including power analyzation and feedback 
4. Descending and cornering skills
5. Proper bike equipment selection 
6. Building confidence and finding the right mindset 
7. Mental toughness to get through any climb!


  • Waterfall ride featuring a ride with multiple waterfall stops
  • Climbing ride featuring mountain top climbs and climbing workouts (optional threshold test)
  • Climb to Georgia’s highest point Brasstown Bald at 4,783 feet
  • Off-road cross-bike or Mountain bike day out of the Tsali Recreation Area or Ocoee Whitewater Center including dip in river and fun day
  • Relaxing recovery coffee ride featuring an easy day with a stop at a coffee shop

What’s Included:

Cost for 5 days (per person) to include the following:

1) Food:

  • Hammer Nutrition 
  1. Heed
  2. Recoverite
  3. Vegan Bars
  4. Gel
  5. Perpetuem
  • 4 Breakfast’s (camp hosts will cook exclusive home-made breakfast including vegetarian deluxe omelettes) 
  • Wrap’s for lunch including tofurkey, tofu, and turkey with veggies/cheese options
  • 3 Dinner’s (camp hosts will cook homemade pasta, Mexican, and veggie burger dinners (*1 night a restaurant not included)
  • Restaurant to be Monte Alban Restaurante Mexicano or Valley River Brewery

2) Lodging

  • 4 nights in a cabin-home in beautiful Murphy, NC 

(Double occupancy *single rooms extra charge)

3) SAG support

SAG: Ice, Hammer Nutrition, bike supplies, and cold premixed bottles of Hammer products + water

4) Coaching/ Logistics/ Organization (See below)


  • Mileage: 25-75 mies per day. (1.5-5 hours of riding time)
  • Extra rides/miles available 
  • Bring clothes including cold weather and rain gear as the Appalachian Mountains sometime bring about cold temperatures and sporadic storms

Training Opportunity:

  • A goal and journey to start looking forward to right now 
  • Great mid-season training for riders looking to escape the heat of Florida and take a break in the mountains
  • The Appalachian Mountains are an excellent location for training in the summer with temperatures generally between 60-85 degrees
  • Rides will breakup into faster or slower groups as needed each day. Re-grouping on climbs format
  • 2 experienced coaches to lead ride, navigate, provide coaching, and motivation. Coaches will lead a faster and slower group for the climbs
  • Training days feature cycling workouts which will include specific training instructions and feedback
  • Threshold climbing testing included (optional). Individualized power analyzation and feedback included
  • Support and gear vehicle to assist riders with food, intermittent rest, and bike mechanicals (*volunteers are welcome)
  • Water refills and snack breaks as needed (every 90 minutes-2 hours on average)

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August 21-25, 2019 North Carolina Mountains Camp Flyer 

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Full Camp Photo Gallery of 2019 Camp Here:

Bald River Falls, TN

Camp Video

Summer 2019 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp

Highlight video of what to expect for the upcoming @Summer 2019 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing-Waterfall Camp taking place August 21-25, 2019.

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