Power Meter Rental and Threshold Testing Services

One Week Rental

One Month Rental

One Month Rental and Threshold Test

One Month Rental and Power Data Analysis

After purchase you will receive an email with instructions on beginning your power meter rental. Purchase will take into effect starting on first day of receiving power meter for 7-day/30-day rental and/or threshold test.

Power Meter Training Performance Benefits:

  • Consistently track data and performance progression over time
  • Most accurate way to train cyclists to improve and see strength gains

Rental Service of Power Tap Wheel:

  • $25 per week
  • $79 per month
  • Power Tap wheel also available for sale (starting at $400). Monthly rental to be deducted from purchase of wheel*. (1-month full $79; 2-month 75%, 3-month 50%)

*if purchased within 1-month of rental ending 

Threshold Testing:

  • $90 for 2-hour test ($45/hour)
  • Includes hands on coaching and instruction with immediate feedback
  • Conquer the best possible mean max power for 20-60 minutes
  • Post ride data analysis and power zones to be established

Rental Service including Threshold Testing:

  • $150: Includes 1-month rental and 2-hour Threshold Test 
  • $125: Includes 1-month rental and month power data analysis (without power test)


  • Heart Rate Strap
  • Cycling Computer (Garmin, Wahoo, Cycle Ops, or other supported devices)
  • TrainingPeaks Account

Schedule an appointment and rental:

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