Gravel Wild West Camp (8/23/24-8/31/24)

August 23-31, 2024

9 Day’s/8 Night’s

Fully supported including lodging, all meals, SAG support, training instructions, hand on coaching, waterfalls, and an experience of a lifetime!

Shared Room Entry $2600:

Pay via Zelle ( to avoid fees.


        Welcome to the Gravel Wild West Camp! This is a new exploration-training camp where riders will see the beautiful western high desert canyons of Utah. Taking place near Moab, Utah, riders will explore the Canyonlands National Park area along with surrounding Moab which is a mountain biking Mecca. Riders can ride gravel bikes or mountain bikes for this camp. Only one day would be a mountain bike specific day which will have an alternative gravel route option. The goal of this camp is to get in a great training block, enhance bike handling skills through gravel, explore and have fun! We will explore and look to see places we may never get to see again. Let the land provide beautiful views while also getting excellent training and learning from coach.

Special offerings and highlights of this camp will include hands on coaching, power testing (including post ride data analyzation), immediate feedback, and skills training including:

  1. Sustained climbing techniques 
  2. Climbing efficiency including optimal gearing and body position
  3. Threshold testing including power analyzation and feedback 
  4. Descending and cornering skills
  5. Handling skills of soft gravel roads, tire pressure, maneuvering techniques 
  6. Building confidence and finding the right mindset
  7. Mental toughness to get through any climb!


  • Canyonlands National Park exploration
  • Arches National Park
  • Moab River Valley swimming 
  • Great wide open views of the high desert
  • Historic Downtown Moab
  • Local restaurants, coffee, and beer
  • Homemade meals at bed & breakfast

What’s Included:

Cost for 9 days (per person) to include the following:

1) Food:

  • Hammer Nutrition 
  1. Heed
  2. Recoverite
  3. Raw Energy Bars
  4. Gel
  5. Perpetuem
  6. Endurolytes
  7. Anti-Fatigue Caps
  • 8 Breakfast’s (Bed & Breakfast staff make homemade breakfast burritos and other decimate breakfast entrees)
  • Wrap’s for lunch including tofurkey, tofu, and turkey with veggies/cheese options
  • 4 Dinner’s (camp hosts will cook homemade pasta, pizza, Mexican, and veggie burger dinners (*1 night a restaurant not included)
  • Visit to Moab at local gems 

2) Lodging

  • 8 nights in Castle Valley Inn

(Double occupancy *single rooms extra charge)

3) SAG support

SAG: Ice, Hammer Nutrition, bike supplies, and cold premixed bottles of Hammer products + water

4) Coaching/ Logistics/ Organization (See below)


  • Mileage: 25-75 mies per day. (1.5-6.0 hours of riding time)
  • Extra rides/miles available 
  • Bring clothes including cold weather and rain gear just in case!

Training Opportunity:

  • A goal and journey to start looking forward to right now 
  • Great mid-season training for riders looking to escape flat hot Florida and take a break out west in the great wide open
  • Moab, Utah is known to be a mountain bike and gravel meca
  • Rides will breakup into faster or slower groups as needed each day. Re-grouping on climbs format
  • Experienced coach to lead ride, navigate, provide coaching, and motivation. Coach will lead a faster and slower group for the climbs
  • Training days feature cycling workouts which will include specific training instructions and feedback
  • Threshold climbing testing included (optional). Individualized power analyzation and feedback included
  • Support and gear vehicle to assist riders with food, intermittent rest, and bike mechanicals (*volunteers are welcome)
  • Water refills and snack breaks as needed (every 90 minutes-2 hours on average)

Registration (Early Price ending 7/23/24)

*Price Increases after 7/23/24

*1/2 deposit due before 6/30/24

Registration Options (PayPal Secure Registration)

Solo Room: $3000 ($3200 after 7/23/24)

This option reserves a riders own room.

Shared: $2600 ($2800 after 7/23/24)

This option includes a riders own bed with others in bed in same room.

Self Lodging: $1400

This option includes everything except the lodging and breakfast where riders will meet us at the start of every day and complete the full day activities. 

*Pay via Zelle ( to avoid fees

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