My Other Physical Talents:

       I have always been super flexible since I was a young kid. To this day, I have the ability to twist myself into a pretzel and bend into other unique positions. The major flexibility is not so much in the back but rather in the legs, hips, and torso. I can still pull my feet backwards to my head, although the high mileage on the bicycle bent down on the handle bars most likely strains or limits this flexibility. My flexibility came largely to my advantage as a wrestler and I was able to avoid getting pinned pretty much throughout all of high school. During the three years I wrestled in high school, I wrestled over about 80 matches and only got pinned two times. Sometimes referees had to blow the whistle and put the match to a halt because they were afraid I was bending too far. Little did they know that this was not hurting me; I was simply using it to my advantage.  

       I am also good at climbing trees and used to love to climb up and dangle in trees for hours when I was younger. I loved climbing around and dangling on playgrounds and metal bars as well. I can make a complete workout without touching one weight or going into a gym, by doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, bicycling, and climbing trees. I love the outdoors and warm weather.  

       I tend to do a lot of high-repetition and long-endurance weight workouts, and prefer to be lean and durable over big and bulky. I would also consider figure body-building down the road one day. I have a quick recovery time so I can pound myself with medium- to high-intensity efforts and recover and continue on with many more sets. In weightlifting I tend not to “max out” in any exercises and often the lowest amount of repetitions I will do is three to five. My hard efforts and recovery time are the same for bicycling intervals. I am not the best sprinter or max power producer, but I can hold a long sprint and endurance effort.