Endurance Cycling

Ultra-Marathon Cycling:

       At age 19, I qualified for the RaceAcross America (RAAM) by riding 462 miles in 23 hours in 56 minutes at the Sebring 24 hour race inSebring, Florida. This was 2nd place in the RAAM division. In this race I had to battle breathing in smoke from forest fires nearby and had to stay mentally tough due to riding the last 13 hours around a 3.7 mile non-lit track. Last year I rode 419.7 miles and was 2nd place as well. Each year I completely shattered the course age group record. This set the unofficial UNDER 20 YEAR OLD WORLD RECORD for a 24-hour non-drafting bicycling race.  One of my favorite attributes about time trials is that it is me against the clock. All of my efforts and the ability to suffer will determine my outcome. In this race there were no road racing strategies or worrying about tactics. The goal was quite simple, to ride as many miles as I can in 24 hours. After concluding the Sebring 24-hour race, next up on the list was the solo Race Across America (RAAM). Read more about my RAAM experience under the Race Across America link.


  • 2008: 10,017 miles (Transition into cyclist from runner)
  • 2009: 27,560 miles (Florida to Alaska and back; 13,769 miles in 140 days)
  • 2010: 30,726 miles (Florida to California and back Summer; 8,246 miles in 63 days)
  • 2011: 20,928 miles (Solo Race Across America Summer)
  • 2012: 17,043 miles (From Cat 3 to Cat 1, with higher intensity training)
  • 2013: ~12,000-15,000 miles
  • 2014: ~12,000-15,000 miles
  • 2015: ~12,000-15,000 miles
  • 2016: ~12,000-15,000 miles
  • Biggest Day: 462 miles (Sebring 24-hour race 2011)
  • Biggest Week: 2052 miles (During the 2011 Race Across America. Day 1-7)
  • Biggest Month: Over 4,000 miles (6/20/10- 7/20/10)
  • Biggest 365 day period: 34,400 miles (August/2009-August/2010)