“I’ve been racing for 2 years now and I as soon as I fell in love with the sport I knew I want to become a professional cyclist. Steven is an excellent coach and he is and already has, taken me to the next level. He is also an excellent rider with many years of racing under his belt with plenty of experience. Seriously suggest him as a coach if you want to make a name in the sport or even just want to get stronger, even faster on the bike.

~Ricky Freeman


“Steve is a great coach. I trained with him for about half a year and saw substantial gains in my FTP, sprinting power, and overall performance and endurance in cycling. He not only gives you custom tailored workouts but also includes quality feedback on a weekly basis.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone for training and if I ever decide to race again he’ll be the first person I call.”

~Hector Cabrera


“Very pleased with Coach Perezluha! He trained me as a cat 3 racer into my my first year as a cat 2 racer. My first year as a cat 2 was very succussful with many podiums and 3 overall wins, including a state championship. Coach Perezluha takes the time to give and receive feedback from his client. He is able to conform your training plan to real life and work. He called me every week without fail and also before each race. His race prep is state of the art. He prints out the courses, topography, his personal knowledge of all Florida races is important, and he goes over the courses in detail with his client.” 

~Tara Smith


“I’ve been training and racing with Steven for about three years now. When I first started riding with him I was a Cat 4. Shortly thereafter I upgraded to a Cat 3 and had a phenomenal season placing number one in the Bill Bone Points Series. Since training with him I have seen significant increases in my power numbers, tactical skills, bike handling skills and so on.

I am currently a Cat 2 racing in the Pro 1/2 field. One thing is for sure. It doesn’t get any easier! There have been times I wanted to throw in the towel and Steven really helped me stay focused. The one thing you can’t deny about Steven is that he is a winner. He is very focused and goal oriented. Your goal becomes his goal and so much more. So whether it be you’re trying to become a better racer, stronger rider, or just get into shape I highly recommend Steven to help you get there!”

~Chris Tricoli


“The time I was coached by Steve was perhaps the best form in my life. It was a challenge for me, considering I am running a business…
And after a long day one would often find the lack of drive/ energy needed to get the work done. Coach Steve would often talk me through it all, told me he believed in me. Believed I could go well beyond the training any athlete would dare to imagine.
If your looking to go beyond your normal level of power, and if your willing to make it happened and make it big, look no further then Steven Perezluha coaching!
He’ll get you where you want, and far beyond what you thought possible!”

~Alfred Baurley


Welcome new Perezluha Coaching Client Ricardo Rivera. Ricardo started training with me this month. 👊🚴

Posted by Perezluha Coaching on Wednesday, August 9, 2017


~Ricardo Rivera


“I have known of Steven through the cycling/racing community for years and booked a cycling camp with him and others and what a great experience it was. Steven handled all the arrangements so all I had to do was put in the work and enjoy myself. The camp was planned perfectly and flawless. I would recommend Steven’s coaching and camps because of his knowledge and skills and his genuine desire to make you an achiever.”

~Roxanne Coates