2023 Event and Race Prep Training Plan

4 month plan weekly feedback ($429):

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  • Get into the best possible shape and perform at your very best for an important ride, event, or race; 3-6 months in the future. 
  • Improve your Functional Threshold Power, all-around strength and ability, become faster, and have the best possible preparation for an event you want to peak at.


$339-$699 (3-6 Months)

*TrainingPeaks Premium required

What’s Included:

  • Training Plan – You will receive a customized 3-6 months training plan with 4 training days per week. This training plan is designed to maximize your riding abilities and learn valuable training techniques specific to your event. Training plan features specific and structured workouts to prepare you the best possible for your event.
  • Data Analysis – We will analyze together during our phone and video calls your power, heart rate, speed, and training data. 
  • Phone Calls – You will receive a weekly call.
  • FaceTime Video Calls – You will receive 2 video calls.
  • Advice for Day of Event – You will receive specific advice on what equipment, gearing and clothing to use specifically for your event. We will also plot an execution plan and strategy for the day of the event.
  • Course advice and review – We will analyze the course profile together.

Training Plan Registration:

3 month plan weekly feedback ($339) 

3 month plan daily feedback ($399)

4 month plan weekly feedback ($429)

4 month plan daily feedback ($509)

5 month plan weekly feedback ($509)

5 month plan daily feedback ($619)

6 month plan weekly feedback ($599)

6 month plan daily feedback ($699)


Steven Perezluha



2023 Event and Race Prep Training Plan