2022 Florida State Time Trial Championships Training Plan 6-10 Weeks ($180-$350)


  • Get into the best time trial shape of your life and compete at your very best in the 2022 Florida State TT Championships on April 3, 2022
  • Improve your FTP
  • Develop better pacing, mental toughness, and master the art of the time trial


  • $30/Week 6-10 Weeks (Weekly Feedback); Daily Feedback $35/Week
  • $300 for entire 10 Weeks (Weekly Feedback); Daily Feedback $350

What’s Included:

  • Training Plan- You will receive a customized 6-10 week training plan with 4 training days per week starting anytime between February 1, 2022 thru February 20, 2022 and ending on April 3, 2022. This training plan is designed to maximize your time trial abilities and to learn valuable techniques specific for this event
  • Data Analysis- We will analyze your power, heart rate, speed, and training data together during our phone calls. The training program includes weekly feedback with daily feedback available for additional $$
  • Phone Calls- You will receive a weekly call
  • Advice for Day of Event- You will receive specific advice on what equipment, gearing and clothing to use specifically for this event
  • Performance Test or TT- Includes a self threshold test or time trial practice test 
  • State TT Recon/Skills Day- We will have a course record day with specific TT skills the day before the event. This session will be discounted for State TT plan riders

Registration & Additional Details:

$180 (6 Weeks-Weekly Feedback)

$210 (6 Weeks-Daily Feedback)

$240 (8 Weeks-Weekly Feedback)

$280 (8 Weeks-Daily Feedback)

$300 (10 Weeks-Weekly Feedback)

$350 (10 Weeks-Daily Feedback)

*After paying, you will receive a confirmation email to your PayPal Email with more registration info. All transactions include a PayPal fee of 4%. Avoid PayPal fee by paying $180-$369 via Venmo (@Steven-Perezluha) or PayPal Friends and Family to (StevenPerezluha@cfl.rr.com)

2022 Florida State Time Trial Training Plan Flyer