Steven Perezluha

Born June 9th 1991  

College Education:

  • Graduated from Seminole State College of Florida with an AA degree (April 2013) Cum Laude
  • Graduated from University of Central Florida with Sports and Exercise Science Degree in Human Performance/Coaching


  • Began cycling coaching in October 2015 and have coached athletes to Florida State Champions


  • Worked as Muscle Milk Ambassador at U.C.F. from 2014-2015. Helped promote the product by bringing in sales, marketing, and promoting Muscle Milk
  • Ambassador and sponsor representation for many sponsors during cycling career (see sponsorship page)


Cross-Country Cycling Adventures. Bicycled the following trips carrying 125+ pound Bob-Trailer behind bicycle:

  • Longwood, Florida to Alaska and back. 13,769 miles in 140 days. June 8th, 2009 thru October 31st, 2009. Including 39 consecutive days of 100 miles or more
  • Longwood, Florida to California and back. 8,246 miles in 63 days. June 21st, 2010 thru August, 19th, 2010. Including raising money for Big Cats Rescue
  • Longwood, Florida to Ohio and Back. 2,235 miles in 24 days. July 26th, 2011 thru August 18th, 2011
  • Madison, Wisconsin to Longwood, Florida. 2,000 miles in 3 weeks. July 26th, 2013 thru August 17th, 2013. After 3rd place in U-23 National Time Trial

Ultra marathon Bicycle Racing:        

  • February 13, 2010: Sebring 24-hour race: Non Drafting Race Across America (RAAM) category. 2nd place. Rode 419.7 miles. Set age group 15-19 record
  • February 19, 2011: Sebring 24-hour race: Non-Drafting Race Across America (RAAM) category. 2nd place. Rode 462 miles. Set age group 20-24 record. Unofficial under 20-year old world record for 24-hour non-drafting bicycle time trial
  • 2011 Race Across America. 3,000 miles. 10 days and 8 hours. 9th place finish. 17.8 mph riding average speed. Jure Robic Award Winner (Strongest Hill Climber in Appalachian Mountains)

Top Road Racing Results include:

  • 3rd place U-23 National Time Trial. 2013. Madison, Wisconsin
  • 1st place Cat-1-2 Joe Martin Stage Race
  • 1st place Pro-1-2 Florida State Road Race Championships (2012-2013)
  • Fastest 100-mile Time Trial: 3 Hours and 34 minutes

*See more results at or cycling number 311519