Date Changes: 2020 Florida Polytechnic Time Series

I have updated the dates for the 2020 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series. The April (4/19) and May (5/10) dates have been postponed to 6/21 and 7/26. There will still be 8 more time trials remaining with the following updated schedule:

2020 Dates (All on Sunday Mornings)

1) February 9 

2) March 15

April 19 (Post-Poned)

May 10 (Post-Poned)

3) June 7 

4) June 21 (NEW DATE!)

5) July 5

6) July 26 (NEW DATE!)

7) August 16

8) September 20

9) October 11

10) November 8

In the mean time, for those looking to continue to challenge themselves during this “off-race season” time, I have a special 2-month time trial training plan I am offering for $179. This is a time trial specific training program that will be designed to improve your time trial ability and learn valuable tips for racing your best time trial. This training plan can start anytime between now until the end of April.

This training plan includes a performance analysis on one’s current training level. This will start a riders plan with a either base building phase or go right into more in depth time trial training. So, no matter what level, this training plan will benefit you!

Also, this training plan will include 2 performance power/time trial tests that can be self-tests or include the June 7-July 5th Florida Polytechnic Time Trial as a peak performance day. As an added bonus, riders that sign up for the training plan will receive a special discount to the rest of the 2020 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series.

Take advantage of the open roads and solo training to get in the best shape of the year! Feel free to share this post and contact me ( for beginning your training plan. Ride safe and stay strong!

New Records Set at the 2nd Florida Polytechnic Time Trial!

Wow! What a weekend with a ton of excellent performances and records crushed!🌞🏆 This past Saturday we say near perfect TT considering with very little wind, sunshine, and 70 degrees to start the TT. We had records crushed across the board with the following:
1. Highest TT attendance ever!
2. Most client power records and personal time records in one day
3. Men’s road bike record all time set (Juan Martinez)
4. Women’s Road bike record all time set (@tonya.blocker)
5. Men’s TT Bike Record (Eric Oleson @cat5pro)

Results from the 3/15/20 time trial:

Pictures from the 3-15-20:

Central Florida Hills Cycling Camp is two weeks away!

The Central Florida Hills Cycling Camp March 21-22, 2020 is just over two weeks away! We currently have 3 more spots for the camp lodging home in Clermont. This is 2-day, 2-night camp with an option for just just riding the camp and a one-day or half day option for both Saturday 3/21 and Sunday 3/22.
This will be an excellent weekend of training, hands on skills sessions, climbing techniques, descending and concerning clinics, gearing and shifting practice, body positioning and efficiently body posture, and short term power testing! Here each individuals power/weight ratio and future goals will be established. Unlike normal hill group rides, we will have many hands on tests to really focus on each individuals own ability.
This camp will come fully supported with pro SAG support by Bearded Bike Doc including and on board Cappuccino-Espresso Machine. Lunches and during ride fuel is also included as well as breakfast for weekend campers.
Reserve your spot now for the camp lodging. Camp registration ends 3/15.
Website and registration:

The Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series Starts 2/9/20!

The start of the 2020 Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series is next weekend on February 9th, 2020! I’m excited to announce that this year, the event will be listed as an official “race series” under USA Cycling. This will be a once per month (February-November) time trial race series including a coach led warm up session with course preview, 8 mile or 15 kilometer time trial, prizes and awards, complimentary Hammer Nutrition for fueling, and a post TT group ride on some of the best cycling roads in Florida🌞This is an excellent opportunity to test yourself against the clock each month, improve your time trial ability, improve your FTP, and establish goals for the 2020 season! The course offers an ideal power testing location with very little traffic. This series is great for riders of all levels, whether it’s your first time competing in a time trial or if you are fine tuning for a national championship!
There will be 10 time trials this year all on Sunday mornings with 8 next to the Florida Polytechnic University and 2 at our special edition course. Riders will have the opportunity to compete for an overall series award with their top 8 results counting towards the overall prize. Riders from all categories and bike styles will be able to participate in this time trial series including Handcycle, Paracycle, Road bike, TT bike, Triathlon bike, or Recumbent.
Pre-registration is $25 and $30 for late (day before) and on-site. You can also register for the entire series at a discount price, along with 9, 8, or 5 time trials of your choice at a discounted rate. You will be able to come to any of the 10 individual time trials you’d like with this option.
Entire Series Entry ($200)
9 Time Trial Race Pass ($190)
8 Time Trial Race Pass ($175)
5 Time Trial Race Pass ($110)
You can register through Bike Reg here:
Entire Series)
You can also register through PayPal here:
Also, if you want to make a weekend out of this event, come out to the Clermont hills group ride which will take place the day before each time trial on Saturday mornings at 8:00am from the Minneola Athletic Complex in Minneola, FL. Come out and train on one of the most challenging hilly circuits in Florida which is a 17-mile loop in Clermont including Sugarloaf Mountain Road. Each ride will be 2-4 loops for a total of 34-78 miles. All rider levels are welcomed with A-B groups riding. See website below for more details:
Hope to see you at the first time trial weekend Sunday, February 9th!🌞
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2020Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp was a blast!

The 2020 Perezluha Coaching Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp was the best turnout for a camp yet with 19 riders including myself. Thank you to all you attended this camp and I hope you had an amazing weekend of riding around the Heartland of Florida! Huge thanks to the amazing support from Humayun Qureshi and Bearded Bike Doc along with our sponsors HammerNutrition, Sunbum, Mumu Cycling Apparel, and Solowarrior Socks. Check out the pictures from this camp below! This is the final part of day 1 ~130 miles from Florida Polytechnic University to Venice a long with a few other highlights ☀️🌎 #perezluhacoaching #findthechampionwithin #perezluhacoachingcyclingcamps

Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp is just over 1-month away!

The Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp is coming up in just over a month on January 10-12, 2020! This will be an excellent way to kick off 2020 with a 3-day cycling training camp-tour where you will ride 300 miles in 3-days with full support. This camp will traverse through some of Florida’s best cycling roads starting at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland Florida heading to the sandy gulf beach roads down near Venice then through miles of orange groves along with a fun gravel section! During this camp, you will get to see some of the best roads to ride on in central Florida and get a great weekend of training in. We will start 7:30am Friday morning and end Sunday afternoon around 3:00pm. 

This camp will be an excellent training opportunity to work on building endurance, long distance sustainable power, drafting practice, cadence and efficiency practice, and nutrition for long distance riding. With an experienced coach, full SAG support including lunch stops and riding fuel, and a fun and motivated group of riders, you will be able to push yourself longer and harder than you think! Riders have gotten their first centuries on this camp and since each day is a one-way ride, every mile will be new one with memories to be made. Registration is still open with full amount due by 12/19/19. Shared room is $549 and solo room is $699. Everything is included except alcohol and deserts 🙂 See website link below to register and message me with any questions (

END OF 2019 SPECIAL! 4 Coach Led Zwift-Wahoo Group Trainer Sessions for $99!

Want to get a safe, effective, and fun indoor cycling workout experience led by a licensed coach? Come join us for at the Graciano’s Bicycle Center for 4-training sessions each 60-75 minutes long before 2019 is over! These sessions are great to push yourself with a structured workout designed to improve your FTP and establish training goals. Each rider will have individuals power goals and a personalized goals based on his or her own ability levels. For those that haven’t used power, this will be a great introduction to training with power and using Zwift. Each rider will get individualized feedback and data analysis and work on improving their body positioning, form, breathing techniques, and posture!

Spots are limited so click below to view more details and register to reserve your spot for a class now!