My Environmental Concerns

My Feelings for Animals

        I have always been into the concept of equality among the species. I am a vegetarian and hate the idea of ending an animal’s life to eat and survive. I am strongly opposed to hunting for sport and firmly believe in using up all aspects of an animal if the animal shall be killed. Yes, we as humans must eat to survive, but slaughterhouses and mass production of cows, chickens, turkeyspigs, and other animals drives me crazy. These poor animals live a life of being a prisoner and are completely controlled by humans. Mass-produced and slaughtered animals never get the chance to live a free life; living a life as a slave to a human being. Before you go thinking that animals do not have feelings like humans do, just imagine what it would be like to be that animal. Living the life of an animal these days would feel like being completely used to death by another human. If slavery between humans and other humans is considered bad, then this is considered absolute torture.

        One of the most sickening sights I deal with on the road while cycling is the dead animal. Innocent little animals just trying to cross the road as giant steel box killing-machines slice the poor critters to pieces without any second thoughts. If humans all rode bicycles, the death rate amongst animals crossing the road would disappear or drop dramatically. These animals never get to live again. Had a human being get hit and killed by a car then immediate action takes place. Hence this suggests complete superior force existing between humans and animals.

        I began to ponder about what I could have done with the trip had I rode for a cause or fundraising purpose. I told myself this trip was for you, but when the time comes for another trip then I shall dedicate it to something that truly moves me deeply. Something I firmly believe in. To give back to the ones that needs the help the most. The animals cannot speak up for themselves and continue to be controlled and dominated by humans. During the ride throughout  Northwest Canada  and into Alaska I thought deeply about how nice it would be if this peace and tranquility could exist all over the United States .Northwest Canada  had miles and miles of untouched wilderness, free from development and the hands of greedy humans. Northwestern Canada  is an amazing place where the animals can run free and wild without the worry of getting squashed by the excessive amount of vehicles on the roads. I thought about the poor black bears roaming for food and space in the Ocala National Forest and how amazing it would be to unleash these poor central Florida black bears into the real wilderness of  Northwestern Canada or Alaska .

The Everglades

        I have ridden down through the  Everglades  many times before and have become swept away by the beauty and sacredness that the land holds in dear. I think back hundreds of years ago when Native Americans and Indian tribes ventured peacefully throughout the grasslands and marshes. I ride down State Road 29 and U.S. 41 thinking how nice it is to see that this wilderness still exists here in  Florida I do not want it to ever become developed or touched by the hand of greedy humans.

The Florida Panther: Foreverwild

        Down in the  Everglades cows peacefully roam the meadows, a small black bear population is scattered around, and the very rare Florida Panther struggles to survive. The poor Florida Panthers population so low it is like just one last classroom full of students left on the planet. A devastating realization that I take into my mind that I have to block out at times to stay sane. But I told myself, hey, if you want something badly enough in life you can get it. I would like to leave my life with a legacy, knowing that the Florida Panther will not pop up in an extinct mammal’s museum one day. My goal will be to let the Florida Panther run forever wild and make Everglades become the “Forever glades”.

        The trip to and from Alaska was done without any kind of fundraising or donation purpose. This is due to me wanting to escape contact with people, with exceptions being parents and dear friends. I had a SPOT-tracking device in which family and friends could track our progress on our trip. The SPOT device sends a signal up to a satellite about every 10 minutes. The dot is placed on a map on the SPOT website in which can be viewed as I progress.

        The Big Cat Rescue is the organization that I dedicated the 2010 California  trip across the country to. Many big cat species need any help they can get. I ended up raising about $500 for the Big Cat Rescue which was short of the amount I hoped to raise. Any kind of monetary value given to the Big Cat Rescue is appreciated due to it being a non-profit organization. This means the funds raised for the organization go primarily to helping to maintain and protect the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary in Tampa , Florida .

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