"If the miles behind me could be put into words before you, you would feel my efforts, my struggles, and my desires. Most of all you would see my joy"  







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2013 USA U23 National Cycling Time Trial Championships 

Waterloo, WI

3rd Place out of 76 racers

30 kilometers



2012 USA U23 National Cycling Time Trial Championships 

Augusta, GA

6th Place out of 76 racers

30 kilometers


29.6mph average speed

Winning Georgia Gran Prix Overall 2014

Fastest 100-mile time trial
3 hours and 34 minutes
28.0mph average speed



Cat 1-2 Joe Martin Stage Race Champion and Podium

Stage One (110 mile Road Race)



2015 Florida State Road Race Champion (13 time Florida State Champion)


2013 Pro-1-2 Florida State Road Race Champion

40-mile Solo Breakaway winning by 5 minutes and 23 seconds

Guttenplan Team Podium Sweep!

4th Place Time Trial

 Tour of Dasafio Das Americas Sao Carlos, Brasil


2015 Pensacola Subway Cycling Classic Individual and Team Champions



2014 Pensacola Subway Cycling Classic Individual and Team Champions



2013 Pensacola Subway Cycling Classic Individual and Team Champions





Florida State Crit Champions
Steven Perezluha (U-23) and David Guttenplan (Pro-1-2)

2012 Pro-1-2 Florida State Road Race Podium


50-mile Solo Breakaway; 70-mile Road Race



Into Alaska 54 days and 6,364 miles from Florida;

with 125-pound bob-trailer from Pittsburgh

140 Day Trip and 13,769 mile trip of a Lifetime


Foreverwest and Foreverwild!

8,246 MILES IN 63 DAYS!



Uncle Danny Chew and I riding with BikeRayUSA Lights ~Riding with Passion, Safety, and Confidence


Concluding another journey from Madison, Wisconsin back to Orlando, FL

3-Week and 2,000 mile trip (Summer 2013)

EXTREME ENDURANCE-pHit Pills trusted nutrition since the beginning of my racing career.


2012 Connecticut State Time Trial Champion

Florida State Time Trial Champion (40KM)

From left (2010;Cat 5-57:39), middle (2011;Cat 3-53:13), to right (2012;Cat1-52:09)

19-22/23-29 State Road Race Champion 3 years in a row 

From left (2012), middle (2013), to right (2014)

U-23 Florida State Time Trial (40km) Record Holder

Daytona RAAM Cycling Time Trial Challenge

200 miles in 8 hours and 42 minutes

23.0mph average speed


Ready For Battle!



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April 18, 2014:

          Winston Salem Cycling Classic. 120 mile UCI road race. Came in 22nd. Missed the winning break that went away during the 2nd half of the race. Rode off the front of the field and soloed to finish the best of the rest. Big learning experience and confidence builder racing against large 200 man field and tough competition.

April 7, 2014:

            Redlands Stage Race. Hard week long race and big learning experience. Pushed it out and officially finished. Gaining and growing from each race and these hard ones against the best competition in the country will only make me better.

February 22, 2014:
            Won Gainesville 5 time trial in the "Swamp Classic" race weekend.

January 26, 2014:
            Started off the season with two wins opening the Florida racing scene in Deleon Springs, FL.

Won the 7 mile time trial and 63 mile road race.

November 30, 2013:


       Today I rode my fastest 100 mile time trial today out of Saint Cloud down to Yeehaw Junction and back in the "J-Hop Century ride/ race". On my odometer I rode the following statistics:
1) 100.0 miles
2) 274 watt average
3) 3 hours 34 minutes/ 28.0 mph average speed
* Non-drafting/ loop format

*Done on Cervelo P5 time trial bike.

October 27, 2013:

               I did it again! This time I won the 70-mile Pro-1-2 Florida state road race by 5 minutes and 23 seconds! However, the task was not so easy this time. In fact, the first 30 miles was an intense battle trying to set up my attack to get away. Finally, my time came around 30 miles. I unleashed my hard effort and launched myself away from the break-away on Bruce Hunt road. This would be the last time the rest of the field would see me. I dug deep and went into time trial mode, holding nothing back, and counting down the miles to the finish. I slowly watched my gap build, building about one minute per 7-mile lap on the chase group from behind.

              My teammates shut the race down from behind and I began overlapping the pro-1-2 field. With one lap to go, it was all focus, holding my 5-minute gap as I would soon cross the finish victoriously as the 2013 State Champion! My teammates Giancarlo Bianchi and Jimmy Shurman came in 2nd and 3rd. I couldn't ask for a better result to conclude the race season!

	Huge thanks to my sponsors this year including Compass Research, First Green Bank, BikeRay USA, As-Master,
Mila, pHit Pills, Gold's Gym, Aloe Up. Also to my AG Bicycles/Guttenplan Coaching team and our awesome  
Louis Garneau helmet sponsor and Osymetric Chain Rings!
	Also thank you coach Robert Tyler for coaching me to triumph and excellent results this year!


October 12, 2013:

            I took a trip down to Sao Carlos, Brazil to race in the Tour of Dasafio Das Americas. It was an amazing trip and I came back with a 4th place in the 33km time trial. See more results and summary of race here:



October 6, 2013:

            Today I won the Under 23 Florida State Crit Championships and helped teammate David Guttenplan win the Pro-1-2 State Crit with me coming in 3rd place. The races took place in New Port Richey, FL. View full results here:



September 15, 2013:

           Today I won the Pro-1-2 Subway Pensacola Cycling Classic stage race. On Saturday, September 14th, I won the 75 mile road race by 31 seconds with a solo effort 8 mile from the finish. My teammates Josh Thornton, Giancarlo Bianchi, and Michael Cedeno held strong and helped me stay away. Later that day, on the sandy Pensacola Beach, I came in 2nd in the 3.1 mile time trial with a 6:09/ 31.7 mph average speed. The next day was a 60-minute crit. I stayed aggressive and at the front and helped teammate Josh Thornton come in 2nd place, me 16th, all finishing with the same time and helping me maintain my 25 second overall win. Pro Jelly Belly racer Serghei Tvetcov came in 2nd place overall and won the time trial by 6 seconds. Great weekend :)


July 4, 2013:

              Today I came in 3rd place in the USA Under 23 National Time Trial Championships held in Waterloo, Wisconsin. I was 2nd to last to go off and was determined to land myself in the top 3 and make it onto the podium. The course rolled through farm roads south of Waterloo, Wisconsin and had rolling hills. I felt amazing and was closing in on the guy who went off 1 minute ahead of me. I crossed the line in 37:39, 11 seconds from 2nd, and 39 seconds from first. Full results at:



           The day before was the 90-mile national road race which was a bit frustrating as major teams in the race took control of the race. I ended up 33rd after the near 150 man starting field deteriorated lap by lap on the 14 mile loop near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. I felt stronger as the race progressed and riders dropped out.



April 28, 2013:

            Won the Cat 1-2 Joe Martin Stage Race!

            On day one, I came in 6th/ 25 seconds down in the 2.5 mile TT. 
        The next day I got into a 4-man break away, gained 2 minutes on the field after 75 miles, then had a monster solo 35 mile time trial effort and beat the field by over 4 minutes and 2nd place by 2:30 for the 110 mile RR. Today was 50 degrees with rain, wind, and slick roads. 

         Saturday's 91-mile road race was wet and somehow I let a few breaks get up the road. I had a flat tire in the first mile and chased to catch back on the field. I then missed a break away that got away. The break got 5 minutes on us and had to chase hard to bring the break back closer. Determined to hold onto my G.C. (overall lead), I began driving the pace to the finish and at the end of the day ended up 9 seconds over 2nd place. 

        In today's crit, I rode smart, confident, and fearless and was determined to not let the 5-man team Trek-Think control my race. I finished 8th and with the same time as the leaders! I won overall by 9 seconds. The results for the entire Joe Martin Stage Race can be found here:


        Thanks to First Green Bank, Compass Research, BikeRayUSA, As-Master, Slick Chain Lube, pHit Pills, and Mila! Also Thanks to Coach Bob Tyler, Nick Patton (in-race support), and Kyle's Bike Shop for keeping my bike well tuned!

April 7, 2013:

        Concluded the Pro-1-2 Winter Garden Crit in 7th place and the 100-mile "Race of the West" in 4th place. 

Results for Crit at:


Results for Road Race at:


March 3, 2013: 

        Concluded the Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic in Winter Haven with 4th place in the Pro-1-2 Road Race, 2nd in the Time Trial, and 4th in the Crit.

Results at USA Cycling: 


February 24, 2013:

	I rode my fastest ever 100 mile time trial today in 3 hours 41 minutes/ 27.2 mph average speed and 
won. This was in part of the Gran Fondo Brevard 109 mile race. The event went great and I had excellent 
support from the lead support car and police motorcycles along with my trusty mom.
On my odometer I rode the following statistics:
1) Distance: 109 miles 
2) Average Speed: 27.3 
3) Time: 3:59 
4) Average watts: 272 
5) Best 20 minute average watts during race: 340
6) Best 100-mile section (5-105 miles): 3:36 27.9mph average speed
7)Non-drafting/ loop format
December 8, 2012:

      Today I rode my fastest 100 mile time trial today out of Saint Cloud down to Yeehaw Junction and back in the "J-Hop Century ride/ race". On my odometer I rode the following statistics:
1) 102.0 miles
2) 268 watt average
3) 3 hours 49 minutes/ 26.4 avg
4) Non-drafting/ loop format

5) Done on Cervelo P5 time trial bike

The ride was a 100 mile road race. I started out with the group for the first 10 miles/ 30 minutes and then attacked and soloed my way for the remaining 90+ miles, averaging 275+watts and near 27.0mph!

*My fastest one way 100 mile time trial was done in the solo Race Across America in 3 hours and 20 minutes with a strong 30mph tailwind.

November 11, 2012: 

      Today I won a 200 mile time trial starting in Daytona Beach in part of the Race Across America Challenge Series. Read my detailed summary in the following link:


October 28, 2012:

Today's racing headline for my mindset would be "Acts of Courage". I victoriously concluded this weekend by winning the 70-mile Pro-1-2 Florida State Road Race Championship in a 50-mile solo effort. Today was windy again and this time a breakaway got away on just the first lap without me in it. On the 2nd lap I bridged up and caught the 10-15 man breakaway. On the 3rd Lap, I nonchalantly attacked/opened up a gap on a downhill and stayed away until the end of the race, some 50 miles solo. I thought back to the wrestling days when my coach told me to "Wrestle with Confidence!" and the quote "It's not how good you are, it's how bad you want it!" While there may have been doubt at first, I began to dig deep and ride with the most confidence I have ever had. What would be thought of as a suicide attack in bicycle racing turned into a 50 mile time trial effort until the finish. I wore my skin-suit and time trial helmet for a good cause today as the wind began to take its toll on the racing. My aerodynamics became my only teammate.

         I treated the rest of the race like a TT, and knew that in order to produce the fastest possible TT time, that I must suffer, ride strong, and want it badly. I would tuck and hammer on every downhill, and power and breathe on the up hills. I caught and passed the Cat 3 field that started ahead, and then began to treat any cyclist that was behind me, like a Pro-1-2 racer trying to catch me, regardless of who they were. I kept the song "Move Along" in my mind and knew this was the last Florida race of the year. I had nothing to lose, so I put it all on the line and held nothing back. I soloed into the finish, almost 3 minutes ahead of 2nd place.


The race course loop (561, 561a, Buckhill Road, and Bruce Hunt Road) is familiar territory for me and I started riding and exploring on these roads before the Alaska Trip (2009) even started.


I would like to thank the following sponsors-supporters and my parents for aiding me in my cycling mission and success:

1. Compass Research

2. Ken LaRoe-First Green Bank

3. BikeRay USA

4. Murray Wilmerding/ pHit Pills

5. Gold's Gym

6. As-Master

7. Ryder’s sunglasses

8. Aloe Up Sunscreen

9. Retro City Cycles  


October 27, 2012:


            Won the 56-mile U-23/ 19-34 age group Florida State Road Race Championships today in windy (20-30mph) conditions. Derek Schanze and I bridged up to Efren Ortega who had attacked to get away solo. Our 3 man break came down to the final kilometer. I was smart and used the wind and aerodynamics to my advantage and attacked 500 meters from the finish at the last turn to ride to victory.


October 7, 2012:

         Today I won the Pro-1-2 Florida State Time Trial Championships and posted the fastest overall time of the day with a 52:09 in the 40 Kilometer Time Trial. Time trialing is my specialty as I know it takes a full honest effort, mental toughness, patience, and ultimately the winner should be the one who can suffer the most. Conditions were a little warm about 85 degrees and the wind was about 5mph from the Northwest. I set out at a 30mph pace and got to the halfway point in about 25:00. On the return ride, there was a light headwind and a little bit rougher surface. With my sights set on holding the 30mph average and ultimately breaking 50 minutes for the race, the average speed slowly dropped to 29.0mph. I passed 3 people throughout the race and told myself to stay focused as you can still win and have a new personal best time. I finished in 52:09, averaging about 29.0mph for the 40 Kilometer race. Concluding this race I accomplished the following:

  • Won the Pro-1-2 State Championship

  • Won Cat 5 in 2010 (57:39), Cat 3 in 2011 (53:13), and Cat 1 in 2012 (52:09)

  • Took 1:14 off last years 40 kilometer time of 53:13 as Cat 3 State Champion.

  • Further extended the U-23 40 kilometer Florida State Record.

  • Posted the fastest time of the day overall.

  • Set the goal to goal further to break the 50 minute barrier and hold and average speed of 30mph for the 40km race.


July 23, 2012:

        Cascades Cycling Classic Pro Stage Race Conclusion:

-Finished 92nd of 191 starters.

        Today I had to face a moment of truth as the 145 man pack was obliterated on just the first lap. Sure it would have been easy to drop out as the pack split away, but I reminded myself of all the training and mental toughness I have built from the time I started cycling and knew that this was better than my worst day. With my cautious riding style of riding towards the pack and not tight on wheels, I was dropped from the main group as the pack split away on the 1st lap of the 83 mile circuit race. I slowly caught dropped racers and tried to work with a few to not get too far behind and be eliminated. As the race progressed, the dropped racers began to looe hope and one by one dropped out of the race, totaling 53 people dropping out. I had to keep telling myself to “move along, move along just to make it through!”

          I rode for over 50 miles on my own and went into time trial mode as endurance started to kick in, determined to finish within the 115% cut off limit from the winner. To me I would much rather quit at the finish than to drop out; not having made a full honest effort to forge on. The idea of dropping out for the fear of not getting a good place or riding alone baffles me. The cycling community in Bend, Oregon was quite friendly and supportive and continued to cheer me on even though I did not have chance of winning today’s race. A full-honest effort with a poor placing beats quitting for the fear of poor placing or not making a time-cut. In the end, I was 100% happy with my effort and finished 23 minutes behind the winner under the 115% time cut. I finished 91st out of the 144 starters and was the 2nd to last official finisher.

        The stage one 74 mile road race did not go that well and I ended up finishing 161st out of 190th. The 190-man pack with many different teams intimidated me and while my cautious riding style avoided crashes, it caused me to loose sight of the giant peleton on the long climb up to Mckenzie Pass. I rode much of the middle part of the race on my own until I worked with a little bunch in the end to the finish

        Stage Two went better with the exception of conflicts with the USA cycling officials dealing with my water bottle and skin suit. While I passed 5 guys and rode the 16-miles in 34:18, I felt the time could have been faster had I not wasted so much effort the day before. I finished the stage 55th out of 189, moving up from 161st to 147th in the GC.

        Stage Three 94 mile road race went better, yet I still got stuck behind crashes and avoided being in any. I finished 103rd out of 189 starters and moved up in the GC from 147th to 143rd. Today 39 racers either dropped out or missed the time/GC cut of 150 racers. Today was a mountain top finish and finished with a bunch of 30 between places 86-115. The average speed for the 94 miles was 28.0mph!

        Stage Four was a Crit which if I had the choice I would avoid them completely. Again I was towards the back and avoided many different crashes. I made it about 13 minutes from the finish when the racers towards the back behind to get dropped and I ended up being pulled before getting lapped. I was simply glad to get this race out of the way to move on to tomorrow.

        Overall it was a great experience and my Uncle made a great one-man support crew throughout the racing. In concluded the 6-day stage race, I know now what I need to work on as a road racer. I am only more motivated now to do better the next time. I ended the stage race not caring about placing or trying to prove something to somebody. This stage race was for the experience of racing with stronger racers with more experience. I am proud to have finished strong, crash-free, reminding myself to never give up or lose hope. Like in the RAAM, I knew that if I just concentrated on my own efforts and did not let the competition psych me out, I would continue to move up as the race progressed and that in the end everything would be O.K.

            Big thanks to my sponsors including First Green Bank, Compass Research, BikeRay USA. and pHit Pills. I am very proud to have you guys behind me and will continue to build a bigger and better name for you in the cycling community. Also my Uncle and I had a fantastic stay with Natalie in her host-housing lined up by Karen Kenlan. My Uncle and I always know how to make a trip more memorable.

June 21, 2012: 

            Finished 6th out of 75 in the U-23 National TT. 18.47 miles. 29.6 miles mph avg. 1266 ft of climbing. Hilarious watching Uncle Danny ride the course and then pass him before he rolled through the finish line. Felt strong on the P4 thanks to Ken LaRoe and First Green Bank. Hungry to drop more time, less than 20 seconds separating places 3-6!! Also thanks to Compass Research, BikeRay USA, Murray Wilmerding and pHit Pills for coming down from Connecticut.

Top 10 Results for 2012 USA U-23 National Time Trial Championships: 

1) 173.15 Evan Huffman Elk Grove, CA 36:40.735 256955 31 California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized/California Giant Cycling
2) 178.68 G Lawson Craddock Austin, TX 36:57.660 194685 18 UCI CT: Bontrager LIVESTRONG Team
3)184.21 Nathan Brown Covington, TN 37:15.002 188123 13 UCI CT: Bontrager LIVESTRONG Team
4) 189.74 Lawrence Warbasse Traverse City, MI 37:17.970 215167 71 UCI CT: BMC/Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
5) 195.27 Eamon Franck Fremont, CA 37:27.148 286608 26 California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized/California Giant Cycling
6) 200.80 Steven Perezluha Longwood, FL 37:34.192 311519 52 
7) 206.33 Adam Leibovitz Indianapolis, IN 37:41.257 221190 37 UCI CT: Chipotle-First Solar Development Team
8) 211.86 Ricky Gargiulo Summit, NJ 37:47.398 231560 27 Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes/Century Road Club Assoc
9) 217.39 Anders Newbury Fairfield, VT 37:54.908 237769 46 UCI CT: Chipotle-First Solar Development Team
10) 222.92 Connor McCutcheon Bigbearlake, CA 37:59.858 279388 43 Team Simple Green/Bike Religion/Cycles Veloce

June 2, 2012:

        Today I won the Pro-1-2-3 10+ mile Connecticut State Time Trial in a time of 22:21.6 beating 2nd place by 21 seconds! The race took place around 8:30am on a course that was rain soaked with rolling terrain.

May 28, 2012: 

        After a trip from Florida to Connecticut including a ride on the U-23 National Road Race course near Augusta, GA followed by the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, Murray Wilmerding and I were on our way to Killington, Vermont. Murray founder of pHit Pills, aka Extreme Endurance was my biggest fan for the weekend races ahead. Saturday, May 26th was a 72-mile Circuit Race. Racing in the Cat 2's, I played it cool for the first 65 miles, just missing a crash on the final 15% grade downhill onto Vermont State Road 100. With 4 miles out, I attacked and stayed away for a 15 second 1st place victory. The next day was an 11-mile Time Trial. I was the last Cat 2 racer to go off in 30 second intervals and passed 6 guys before the finish line and won by 23 seconds. My time of 23:35was the 3rd fastest overall (600+ racers) with Pro Tim Mitchell posting the fastest time (23:19) and 50+ Brian Batke posting the 2nd fastest (23:30).

        The final day was a short 60-mile road race with a mountain top finish. Perhaps over anticipated and over hydrated, the pack stayed together with a few tiny breaks unsuccessfully getting away. The final 5-miles was a steep 8-20% grade climb which broke the peleton apart. I stayed towards the front and got off in a group with some leaders. Avoiding the King of the Mountain at the top of the first climb, a group opened up a gap and held off to the finish. I ended up 14th overall 1:36 behind 1st place. I finished 2nd in the GC, with my finishing time of 6:28:11 just 3 seconds behind 1st place. Nevertheless, I successfully concluded my 1st Stage Race without crashes which was a big confidence builder. Being a lone wolf (without a team) and not knowing anybody, I am proud of the results.

March 3, 2012:

             Won my first Pro-1-2 race today in a 7-mile time trial with a time of 14:11. The race took place on Lake Baffum Road near Fort Meade, Florida after a 70-mile road race in a omnium series known as the  "Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic.

December 31, 2011:

             An amazing year came to a close and so I reflect as my ankle heals up from an injury last week which plagued me of my goal to bike down and explore more of the Everglades. With the rest I know that I have time to reflect on the year and also think about what lies ahead in life. So many amazing memories and experiences happened this year for me. Like my Uncle, I am proud to say I recorded these in a journal. That way I can look back to every single day of the year to see what I did, how many miles I rode on my bicycle, feelings for the day, quotations, thoughts, mood, and insights. One of my biggest goals is to turn my journals and many experiences I have had in life into a book. Still to this day I will never forget the memories of a lifetime on the journey to Alaska and back with Uncle Danny.

        79,214 miles conquered on my bicycle in the past 3 years. 2009: 27,560 miles. 2010: 30,726 miles. 2011: 20,928 miles. This year was the lowest mileage year including extra recovery, more racing, and unexpected injuries. Still 2011 has some of the most amazing experiences of my life. At the same time there have been a number of close friends and family members that have left me this year. These people will not have the chance to come back to life but before they did pass, I took a little bit of them that will remain with me forever. I will not soon forget the positive impact many have had on me since the time I graduated high school. The kindness of strangers makes a day on the verge of disaster all of a sudden good again in a matter of hours. I have learned to be patient and take each day as it comes for I never know what lies down the road ahead of me. I must be grateful for all the positive relationships I have had and build on those that believe in me. As for those that do not work out or turn negative, I must keep moving along and learn from mistakes.

        My uncle and I have learned so much about each other and have transformed from friends to companions over the past three years. It’s more than my Uncle that I must thank for being there for me, but it goes out to my sponsors and all of you central cyclists that have at one time offered me advice or insight. With the miles and people behind me, the sky will be my limit. Thanks again to all that supported me on my Race Across America this year. 2012: You’re just a number like 2011, but just wait and see of the many more amazing experiences that will come in the next 365 days. Many people have come and gone in my life and I have learned something from every single person, no one is forgotten.

        I am proud to say I have not consumed a single animal for the past 4 weeks. I have turned into a vegetarian again and still one of my biggest goals in life is to stop mass-slaughtering animal abuse, save endangered species as possible, protect the environment, and influence future generations. I have a long life ahead and must take advantage of every day of life and live each day as it comes; keeping my biggest goals and dreams inside my flesh. I wish the best for everybody in their goals for the future, and for those that never get out and explore much, consider these words from one of my biggest inspirations from Into the Wild:

        The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. If you want to get more out of life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will at first appear to you to be crazy. But once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beauty” –Christopher McCandless

Goals are out there waiting to be conquered, we must reach out and grab them!

November 26, 2011: 

             I raced in my first "Dirty Dozen" bike race held in Pittsburgh, PA originally created my my Uncle Danny Chew. Uncle Danny had a record number of riders enter this year with well over 300. The race originally started with Uncle Danny and his brother Tom Chew back in the early 1980s. The race consists of racing up 13 of Pittsburgh's steepest hills ranging from 20-37% grade. Each of the 13 hills is a race to the top, most of which start from the bottom. The racers race neutral and casually ride in between the hills. I came in 4th place this year with a total of 68 points, winning the 12th hill and coming in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place on 6 of the other hills. Being my first time racing, I did not position myself well on 3 of the hills and did not score any points and came in 6th and 7th place on the other 3 hills. Nevertheless, the Dirty Dozen was a great experience testing myself against the defending champion Stephen Cummings shown here in the picture above. Below is a link to the Dirty Dozen on my Uncle Danny Chew's website:


November 1, 2011:

I had a successful racing weekend this past weekend at the Florida State Road Race Championships in Ferndale , FL. On Sunday I won the 56-mile Category 3 State Road Race. I had to be very patient and had some unfinished business to unleash after getting 2nd in the 19-23 and 6th in the combined 19-34 group. In that race I attacked 3-4 times and on the 4th time, soloed it to the final road and got caught. After getting 8th place last year in the Cat 4 state road race by making the same mistake, I was out today to unleash my attack at the right time. I waited to the last lap and right after the demolished breakaway got caught I attacked on Bruce Hunt Road , the place where everyone seemed to by falling apart into a headwind and uphill. I attacked hard and soloed it 6.5 miles to the finish winning by 1 minute and 7 seconds. Not to get caught this time..

October 16, 2011:

I just won the Brooksville Road Race for Cat 3 and came in 4th overall with the Pro-1-2 racers. On October 8th, 2011 I won the Category 3 Florida State Time Trial with a time of 53:13. The time was the 6th fastest of the day and 4 minutes and 26 seconds faster than my last years time. This year I rode on my Quintana-Roo time trial bike while last year I had a regular road bike with aero bars.

 September 27, 2011:

        I am now recovering from a crash on September 21st. During the recovery after the crash I have pondered upon topics and ideas for writing a book on my cross-country adventures. The crash left me with the worst road rash I have ever had in my life.

        It was September 21st, 2011 around 5:15pm. I had already done a 2-hour weight workout, gotten a massage, rode 32 miles to and from the Retro City Cycles bicycle shop, and now I was out on what was planned to be about an 80-mile ride from about 5pm-9pm. The crash situation unfolded when I was picking up some draft from some vehicles in front, cruising along at 37+mph. I had already done a 2-hour weight workout, gotten a massage, rode 32 miles   toward the Wednesday night Windermere ride on Central Parkway. Then in the 53x11 my chain dropped and I went sliding along the pavement 30 feet. :x !! I stood up in a fury and walked my bike to the side of the road. I was covered in blood on my right side and I could see my big shorts torn open. My bike chain was off and my handlebars were messed up. 

           Luckily my bright BikeRay lights kept cars away and a lady helped me to get medical assistance. With my right side covered in road rash from knee to shoulder to hand, I painfully crept into the pool to clean off my wounds with soap then the painful burning of Betadine followed by a sublime feeling of Neosporin. Pain tolerance rising...not to let this darken my spirit in my future goals...telling myself one of my favorite quotes:

"Strong. You can do anything. You can go anywhere...It's up here. You can be here. Me and you."  

        I reminded myself that a very important aspect of cycling and anything euphoric in life is that pushing through the pain and discomfort will make what comes out on the other side that much more rewarding and gratifying. I tell myself to be patient and recover, you will ultimately come out stronger than before. I have pushed through all of the hardest times and adversity with the mentality to leave no regrets for I do not want to look back years from now and think about what I could have done.

        So many amazing memories came alive on my cross-country trips and often they came after I had to overcome an obstacle and potential trip ending incident. This includes my crash on the Alaska trip going down an 8% descent for 7 miles. I was 6,000 miles away from home. I was uneasy, I was fearful my body was damaged and I could not continue on, I was weakened. Why don't you take the secure way out and just end the trip there some asked?  I then reminded myself of my dream, the absolute freedom that a bicycle with a trailer attached to it can bring. I must keep Moving Along. I was not about to end my Alaska Trip of a lifetime over this crash. I had fear instilled in me, but I still had my confidence and the dogged-determination to make it back home to Florida in one piece, on my bicycle.

        Next year was getting hit by a car on my way to Pittsburgh. The easy way out voice in me says to just stop, do not keep going, take the drive home, pack your stuff up, call it quits, end your trip, end your dreams, they can wait; California can wait, it will always be there, listen to your secure friends; listen to the doctor that says you should not keep going, maybe next year.

        But no not me, I block these thoughts out. I let the determined, rebellious, stubborn, and never-quitting Steven come out inside me and tell myself to keep moving along. I want to live, I continue to forge on, for I do not want live with the regret of not knowing what memories could have come if I would have kept on going. Pushing through my struggles reminds me to always treat everyday like it may be the last and to cherish every moment and do not waste a second of life. I tell myself to never put my dreams on hold because I never know where they might lead and also never know what could happen tomorrow; I must never waste time. After recovering from getting hit by an S.U.V. I slowly, uncomfortably, and with much patience, continued on my journey to California and no regrets. I kept telling myself that the triumph of completing this cross-country journey will be a memory of a lifetime. Not just any old trip but the 7,737 California trip of a Lifetime.

August 21, 2011:

I just completed a 24 day and 2,235 mile bicycle camping trip from Orlando, Florida to Ohio and back. The journey started off heading to Nashville, Tennessee then to Cincinnati , Ohio then to Charlotte, NC; then back to Orlando, Florida .This was my shortest trip completed so far of only 2,235 miles . The first trip from Orlando to Alaska and back was 13,769 miles and 140 days; then from Orlando to California and back was 61 days and 7,737 miles ; the Race Across America was 10 days and 3,000 miles . Each journey had memories and experiences that will remain with me for the rest of my life. During these journeys I had some of the greatest moments of my entire life. Read more to found out about my journeys and cross-country bicycling adventures. The wanderlust and footloose feeling of being on a cross-country bicycling camping trip is like no other.

July 1, 2011:

Race Across America 2011

        On Saturday, June 25th, 2011 , right around midnight , I completed my Race Across America in a finishing time of 10 Days and 8 Hours. It was a memorable experience and with it came many euphoric moments as well as conflicts and adversary among crew members. For me the race started out a little on the slow side and then I finally got into a more solid routine and stated getting into a rhythm in Kansas where I rode 260 miles in 12 hours. I listened to my body and knew I would ride more strong and efficient with sufficient sleep and stop time. Sometimes the stop time was more than I had planned sometimes caused by R.V. and follow vehicle mechanicals, bike problems, or knee problems. I used the stress and adversary that went on while I was off the bike and channeled into positive energy on the bike. While my crew did get into some brouhahas at times and some wanted to quit before the finish, each crew member stuck it out until Annapolis to see me cross under the finish line. I thank my crew and the amazing help they had. I also thank my sponsors for the amazing help they provided; I could not have completed this race without my sponsors. Please visit my Sponsors page to view the list of my sponsors. Just like I learned on my cross country adventures with Danny, I told myself I must be patient through the tough times of the trip; for there is something good waiting down that road for me. Please visit my Race Across America summary page to read into more details about my race.

        I now have goals to work my way up in road racing and move up to Category 1 by spring 2012. I may do the Race Across America again but this time I hope to plan it out and organize more, especially the crew. RAAM was an amazing experience and I and proud to have completed it.