Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series 2019 dates have been posted!!

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The Florida Polytechnic Time Trial Series is back for 2019!!!

Come out and test yourself against the clock on one of the finest time trial courses in Central Florida! This unique time trial series will feature a structured warm up with pacing and a motivational talk with coach starting 1-hour before each time trial. Events will take place on select Saturday’s between February-October, 2019. This is a perfect training opportunity to learn valuable warm-up strategy which will help you to perform your best for each time trial. Whether you have a time trial bike or road bike, this 8 mile course will also serve as a perfect 20 minute power test location. There will be an optional endurance-tempo group ride after all the riders have finished each time trial event. This will give you the ability to crush an 8 mile time trial and enjoy some good miles with a group after to make a morning out of it.

January 4-6, 2019 Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp

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Details are finalized for the January 4-6, 2019 Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp. This is a 3 day cycling camp-excursion starting from Florida Polytechnic University. This route will include lightly traveled country roads with views of open ranches, lakes, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters of the gulf of Mexico, the Peace River, rolling orange groves, and much more of Florida’s undeveloped land. Come see some of Florida’s small towns and quiet beach roads on this journey that will prelude to the longer excursion down to Key West! Each day will be 75-125 miles. This will be an excellent training opportunity and adventure which you will be challenged and have fun on the journey! Enjoy an all inclusive cycling excursion including coaching, sag support, bike mechanics, meals, and lodging! 

January 4-6, 2019 Heartland of Florida Cycling Camp!

The dates are set for the winter cycling camp-tour around the Heartland of Florida! Don’t miss out on this 300 mile, 3 day 2 night epic training adventure tour where you will get some amazing training in, see some hidden gems and beautiful Florida scenery, and only have to worry about riding your bike as everything is included with full SAG support. Click picture^ for more details and registration! 

Perezluha Coaching Tent

And god said… let there be a Perezluha Coaching tent. Thanks to chuck at MUMU Cycling Apparel for lining this up and helping with the design! Very happy how it turned out! Look out for the Perezluha Coaching tent at events and races near you! This tent will offer a welcoming spot to warm up along with coaching resources and information on upcoming events. 

Summer North Carolina Climbing WaterFall Camp Blast!

The Summer 2018 North Georgia-North Carolina Climbing Camp was a successful blast! Rider’s took part in a 5-day 4 night epic climbing camp filled with quiet North Carolina back roads, Six Gap Century climbs, hidden waterfall stops, great food, smiles, and good times! Nothing like knocking out a big day of climbing on the bike and enjoying an epic gravel road with water fall excursion towards the end. Check out the photo gallery of this camp (click picture above^)! Stay tuned as Fall-Winter 2018 Camps are to be announced soon!

Mastery of Remaining Calm

“One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm”~ Catherine Pulsifer


The mastery of remaining calm comes from changing the way the mind thinks. To exercise patience and positive thoughts instead of freaking out or panicking. One way I have learned to remain calm is to remind myself of something very stressful or uncomfortable from the past and comparing it to the current situation. Living through extreme or ridiculous situations help to keep everything in perspective, and help to master to remain calm and collected.

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Upcoming Event Training Plans Announced!

The Six Gap Century Ride, Florida State Road Race, and Pittsburgh’s Dirty Dozen Bike Ride are coming up this fall! Each one of these events has demands with hills and tough climbs and I have engineered training plans designed specifically to prepare for each event. Each plan is also geared to improve your FTP, hill climbing efficiency, and all-around strength and ability. Through the training and coaching you will also build a mental toughness and tenacity to help to learn the art winning. Start training today and click below to learn more about these value packed training plans!

Congratulations to Jeanine Seeger! National Road Race Champion!

       Perezluha Coaching has its first National Champion! That’s right, on June 16th Jeanine Seeger found the champion within, winning the Women’s 40-44 National Road Race on the Fort Gordon Military Base near Augusta, GA. This win came after a lot of adversity with the contemplation of not even doing the road race at all. I’m glad I was able to help Jeanine accomplish this goal! Read more on this inspirational coaching journey by clicking picture above!

Finding the Strength Within

       Working really hard towards a long sought goal and accomplishing it while having everything work out as it should, is a wonderful feeling. Cherish these moments. I love to see these moments and helping people accomplish their goals. I know what it’s like to train for something and have things work out as planned. There is no better feeling. And it feels even greater after going through times when stuff doesn’t go as planned. How to handle the situations when things go wrong and getting through the darkest hours is when the biggest strength can be found.

       Any time I ever had a bad day on ride to Alaska and back, the biggest motivator I always thought of was how much worse the situation could be. Realizing there was someone out there at this very moment that was much worse off and that our bodies were healthy, just suffering, helped me make it through these times. Still, there are no struggles and dark times on the Alaska trip that can remotely compare my Uncle being paralyzed and not being able to ride at all.

       The strength that you can find in your weakest condition is some of the hardest to find and will stay with you forever. Dark times can also come in the form of one’s demons. Knowing your demons and weaknesses are just as important as your strengths and in due time can be turned around into positive growth. How we carry ourselves through the times when we fail and fuck up is where our true character can be found.

       A wise gambler once said: “when you get up, you get out”. Learning when to walk away with confidence, never get too greedy, and count your blessings before you lose them. Face the demons and say “Fuck You” I’m done. When true success does come, you will be able have the “fuck you position”. This is the ability to not let these demons (distractions, flaws, bad habits, haters, negativity, and bad persuasion) drag your success down and say “fuck you” to them.

       Take the success with you in your good times to any hard times you ever have and be grateful; not thinking of your best times, but realizing how much worse it could be.
When being strong in life is all you have left and you can get through it, a race or game really doesn’t mean anything anymore, and you can overcome anything -with confidence.